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18 days to a sale

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February 23rd, 2010

In summer 2009, Florence and Joe Alles decided they wanted to take care of their own future, and, after looking at multiple retirement communities, they chose Ann s Choice. Ann s Choice Personal Moving Consultant Colleen Rosica visited the Alles s home to discuss the move. Colleen offered insights into the whole moving process, from layout to packing to planning, Mr. Alles says. Though the Alleses were more familiar with moving than most they had moved within the last several years they knew that her services were an indispensible part of the moving process, especially for someone who hasn t moved in 40 years. Without her assistance, people would be at a loss. They decided to use both a real estate agent and a moving company she recommended. Their real estate agent was well acquainted with Ann s Choice. Although the Alleses were prepared for their house to be on the market for six months, they were shocked when it took a mere 18 days for the house to sell. We tell this to everyone we meet, and they all say, We don t believe you, but it s true, he says. They also used a moving company that had moved over 600 people into Ann s Choice. It was important for us to know that the moving company had some familiarity with the place; they needed to know where to unload and where to park the logistics of it all, Mr. Alles says. The moving company estimated a seven-hour move; however, the move was completed in five hours time. The Alleses were beyond pleased. We were met with integrity, honesty, and commitment to service throughout the whole process, says Mr. Alles. It was a smooth move from beginning to end.