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The cowbell conveys

Cedar Crest resident sells home quickly, to kindred spirits

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February 22nd, 2010

Veronica Hill loved her old house. For 28 years, she lived in Paramus, N.J., where she and her husband raised three boys in a quaint, three-bedroom, single-family rancher. I loved that home, Hill says. There were so many great memories there. I remember standing at the door, ringing my cowbell, to call the boys in for dinner. Then they d come running and we d all have dinner together. But years later, after her husband passed and her last son was grown, she decided it was time to downsize and find a place where she could continue on with life. I wanted a place that was social and where I wouldn t be cooped up, Hill explains. I was looking at Cedar Crest for about a year, but I loved my house. And to be honest with you, I was dragging my feet a bit. I looked at a lot of options and then decided that the only place I would really move was Cedar Crest.

Getting started

Late last summer, Hill was notified that the style of apartment home she wanted atCedar Crest a two-bedroom Fairmont floor plan was available. ' So that August,Cedar Crestsent out Personal Moving Consultant Margaret Semezko to look at Hill s old house and help get it ready for sale. She did a walk-through and showed me how to stage it, Hill explains. We de-personalized it and got rid of some of the clutter. I had a friend across the street keep a sofa table for me and a chair. It was amazing how something so simple, like removing those things, helped show off the parquet floor and opened up the whole room. Hill says she chose aCedar Crest-recommended real estate agent and mover and put the house on the market. What happened next took her by surprise. As soon as we listed it, we had a bunch of people tour it right away, Hill says. And the first couple that saw it made me an offer two days later. But even more unbelievable was that it was for my exact asking price. But as soon as Hill was about to accept the couple s offer, a second offer came in from a different buyer offering $5,000 more than the asking price. I was shocked, Hill says. Despite the more lucrative second offer, Hill stayed true to her word. Believe it or not, I accepted the first offer, Hill says. It may have been taking a little money out of my pocket, but I made a promise and I wanted to be sure the house was going to someone who would care for it. The couple who made the first offer had a young son of their own and wanted to move to the Paramus neighborhood to be closer to their family. I liked that, Hill says. I liked that a lot. Some people said I was dumb not to take the second offer, but I remember being in their shoes, just starting a new family.

A great trade

The couple that bought my house had made offers on two other houses and must have missed out on them, so they saw mine and gave me the asking price, Hill explains. I just saw their son, growing up like my boys in that house, and I really liked the idea of them getting some good use out of it. Now Hill says she is enjoying life atCedar Crest. She routinely goes to lunch and dinner with friends and was pleased to find a childhood friend, Janet, welcoming her as a new neighbor. It was so nice seeing her. Now we re partners in crime, she says with a laugh. I loved my house and I love it here too, Hill says. There s so much activity and so much going on. I wouldn t have moved anywhere butCedar Crest. It was a great trade. They got a great house and I get to live, happily, here. And Hill says there was another exchange. They gave me a picture of the old house and I gave them my cowbell.