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Science teacher finds Linden Ponds has formula for selling, moving

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February 23rd, 2010

When Bernard Lawson first came to look at Linden Ponds in 2005, its newest buildings including the one he now calls home didn t yet exist. He liked what he saw but filed it away in his mind for another day. It s such a nice spot, says Lawson, a former junior high school science teacher. This place is wooded and I m an outdoorsman I like that. Lawson made a deposit to reserve his spot in line to move, knowing he would be notified when his apartment of choice became available, and if he wasn t ready, he could pass on the opportunity. Last spring, when chores of homeownership like household repairs and lawn maintenance began to weigh on him, he realized he was ready for the move. The job seemed overwhelming at first, but Lawson had some help from Linden Ponds Personal Moving Consultant Lynne Ford. She visited his ranch in Easton, Mass., and together they mapped out the transition. Ford s expertise includes real estate, downsizing, and moving, and Lawson went with the resources she recommended in all three areas. Using a real estate agent Ford suggested, his house sold after it was on the market two months. The downsizing service, he said, was really terrific, carting away items both before and after the move and seeing that what he couldn t bring with him was donated to charities. For the move itself, Lawson enlisted movers who impressed him by moving the furniture with his clothing still inside it, leaving less to unpack so he could get acquainted with his new community sooner. Lawson hasn t wasted any time since moving into Linden Ponds. He keeps in shape at the fitness center, where he works with a trainer; and he unwinds by enjoying the community s theater and music performances. It s a nice atmosphere, says Lawson, who plans to join the Linden Ponds Walking Club as soon as the weather warms. Already, he says he has found an environment that he can call home. I m pleased with the move, he adds, and that I finally did it.