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Home improvement

Couple recreates feel of previous house (but with upgrades!) at Fox Run

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March 22nd, 2010

When Fred and RoseAnne Moschetta see something that needs doing, they roll up their sleeves. Before they moved to Fox Run last November, winter snows would bring Mrs. Moschetta out of their 2,500-square-foot house to sweep the sidewalk. Not just her own sidewalk, either, but all the way to the corner. And in a Fox Run parking lot this February, Mr. Moschetta cleared the snow from his car plus eight of his Fox Run neighbors cars. So it s not surprising they started downsizing well before they decided to move. Still, after 48 years in their house, they also took advantage of Fox Run s Erickson Realty & Moving Services program to simplify that move. The program is available at no charge to Fox Run s priority list members, people who ve reserved their place in line for an apartment home at the Erickson community in Novi. Personal Moving Consultant Mary Wolfe facilitates the program at Fox Run. Besides providing advice about downsizing and preparing a house for sale, she maintains a list of approved professionals who specialize in every aspect of the moving process.

Tips for sales success

Although the Moschettas were ahead of the curve on downsizing, they followed through on suggestions Wolfe made during a walk-through of their house. Mary said if a room is too crowded, it will appear smaller, says Mrs. Moschetta. So we took away some big floor plants downstairs. And we removed knickknacks from tables and family pictures from the hallway. Major updates had already been done. Six years before, they d completely redecorated downstairs from the living room to the three bedrooms and installed new windows and siding. In 2008, they redid the upstairs, including a new kitchen. Sam Baydoun, the couple sFox Run-recommended real estate agent, says their house was in move-in, mint condition. And the buyer liked its location, convenient to Ford Motor Company. In today s challenging housing market, Baydoun recommends that people interview several agents, choose someone who really knows the area, and price their house in line with the competition. Baydoun knew the area firsthand and used to live a few doors from the Moschettas.

The actual move

Mrs. Moschetta was thrilled with the family business Wolfe recommended to pack and unpack their belongings. They were very helpful, she says. How could anybody not be happy? Four people came on packing day, And they really had to work. The packers offered to handle the Moschettas donations and discards, but of course, the couple had already tended to that themselves. The Moschettas used a mover Wolfe recommended to transport their goods as well. They loaded up the truck, Mr. Moschetta says, and three hours later when we arrived, they had three or four people here unpacking. The crew put things away and would have made the bed, but Mrs. Moschetta beat them to it.

Life is good

The move has brought the Moschettas closer to their three children, who live a short drive away. And moving just before Thanksgiving meant they soon found themselves living in what Mrs. Moschetta describes as a fairyland:Fox Runin full holiday regalia. The trees were enormous and decorations were everywhere, she says. One tree was up to the ceiling and had all gingerbread ornaments on it. She s enthusiastic about their one-bedroom-with-den apartment. We feel at home, she says. Because it s furnished with the Moschettas familiar china cabinet, grandfather clock, and recliner, the grandkids feel at home too. Yep, this is grandma s house. It looks just like her other house, says Reese Moschetta, whose father, also named Fred, isFox Run s director of sales and marketing. Reese s grandmother, who likes to bake, points out important differences her new kitchen is larger and boasts more cupboards. Thanks to some updating, it also boasts a view. They cut a hole in the kitchen wall and you can look right into the den and see the living room window, Mr. Moschetta says. In the morning, the sun comes in and it s beautiful. That doesn t mean the Moschettas spend much time sitting at home. They re both regulars at the fitness center, and he swims every day and plays billiards. She volunteers once a week putting fresh flowers in the dining room table vases in the Ascot Clubhouse, and soon she ll start gardening for real outdoors. I m very comfortable, she says. We love everything aboutFox Run.