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The new 'city life'

Bustling Seabrook community perfect for New Yorker

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March 22nd, 2010

[caption id="attachment_8995" align="alignnone" width="620" caption="Jeanne McArthur sees similarities between New York City s bustle and Seabrook. (File photo)"] Seabrook, she says, it just felt like she exchanged one city for another. McArthur moved to Seabrook last year. I came and visited and fell in love, she says. Seabrook had everything I was looking for. Moving from the city, I liked living in a large, vibrant community with lots of things to do. I was simply astounded when I saw all the things happening on campus.

Pleasant surprises

Among the things that immediately caught McArthur s attention were the adult education classes, health and wellness programs, social clubs, and restaurants atSeabrook. Living in the city for years, you just get used to the fact that there s always something to do nearby. When I visitedSeabrook, I saw the same thing, she says. But coming from the city, there were a few differences. The trees, beautiful campus, and peace and quiet were all nice changes of pace.

Thinking positive

So McArthur put her Manhattan condominium up for sale in November 2008. And even in a difficult market, she sold her home in just a couple months. There were shoppers, and the interest was still there, she says. So it ended up working out well. Moving wasn t as challenging as she anticipated, either. Because I had acouple of months to sell the house, when the day came to move, it went very easily. I used the time when the house was for sale to go through every drawer in my house, tidying up and paring down, with the expectation of selling, she says. McArthur has now lived at Seabrook for almost a year. I love it, she says. I m so happy to be here. I settled in quickly and feel like a member of the community. I look forward to going to dinner in the restaurants each night. I don t think I ve met more interesting people anywhere. Now, McArthur is taking an aerobic dancercise class and a continuing education course on opera appreciation. We listen to one opera at a time, and the instructor gives us things and themes to look or listen for, she explains. It s a wonderful class. So what advice does McArthur give someone considering a move toSeabrook? Be flexible with the move, she says. And try to regard it as a new adventure. Don t feel like you have to exactly replicate your old life. Enjoy Seabrook for all it s worth. Understand and embrace the fact that you can be as involved as you want here. It s all at your fingertips.