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Stitching for Haiti

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March 22nd, 2010

The Keystone Krafters of Ann s Choice have started a new project creating Comfort Dolls for children in Haiti. Krafter Betty Lou Good is coordinating the project, and there s a special place in her heart for the people of Haiti. She and her husband, Clarence, started volunteering in the impoverished country more than 20 years ago. Since January s devastating earthquake, Mr. Good has been itching to return, while Mrs. Good has been looking for ways to contribute to the Haitians healing in some way. Comfort Dolls were the perfect fit. It breaks my heart to read about the orphaned children living in tents, says Mrs. Good, who has also been knitting caps for U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan. While she hasloved that project, the Comfort Dolls speak to her on a different level. The dolls are made specifically for orphans so they can have something to hold onto that brings them comfort during a time filled with so much uncertainty.

Pattern of kindness

The Krafters are using the Duduza doll pattern from The Creative Stitch of Boston to fashion their dolls. The dolls don t look complicated, but the pattern is pretty intricate, Mrs. Good says. The pants, shirts, faces, and hats are all different-colored pieces that are knitted, then sewn together. The eyes, noses, and mouths are the last to be stitched. Within a few weeks of starting the project, the 25 members of the Keystone Krafters had already completed 12 dolls. Mrs. Good would like to see the effort continue, especially since it seems likely that it will take years to rebuild Haiti.

My goodness

Mrs. Good doesn t do good simply because it s her moniker; rather, it s all about the heart and bringing joy to those who are suffering. The dolls are very cute, she says. Looking at them makes me feel good. It s amazing what one little doll can give a little more joy, a little more laughter, and a lot more love.