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With the touch of a personal moving consultant, house sells in 30 days

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March 22nd, 2010

Florence Clark chose to move to Maris Grove because she had many friends that lived there already and so her husband, Dave, would have access to topnotch health care. It was a win-win situation for the couple.Objective viewpoint moves things along Mrs. Clark contactedMaris Grove sPersonal Moving Consultant Suzanne McAllister to help her stage the house to make it more marketable. We thought we had staged it well, Mrs. Clark says of the effort she and her children put forth, but after Suzy was finished with it, the house looked like it was straight out of a magazine. One of the things they did was neutralize the rooms. Mrs. Clark had wallpapered the kitchen, and while she thought it was pretty, McAllister pointed out that not all people have the same tastes. The wallpaper didn t seem to want to budge from the walls; in fact, it was pulling away the plasterboard as they tried to remove it. So a professional tacked a thin layer of plasterboard over the wallpaper and painted that. Mrs. Clark said it opened the room and made it look bigger. Mrs. Clark preferred carpeted floors; therefore, the house was carpeted wall-to-wall. After McAllister explained that many buyers want hardwood floors, they did some investigating and discovered that flawless genuine oak floors ran throughout the house underneath all that carpet. I don t think they ve ever been walked on, because the house was carpeted when we bought it and we were only the second owners. The floors were in beautiful condition, Mrs. Clark says. Once the house was re-staged, it sold within 30 days. McAllister even diagrammed Mrs. Clark s two-bedroom, two bath apartment home atMaris Grove, laying out all of her furniture so she could visualize her new space. The movers loved the diagram too; I just placed it on the table and they could see where everything needed to be, she says. She even got to bring her piano, which she thought for sure she wouldn t be able to bring. Mrs. Clark is grateful for all of the help she had along the way. If I had to do all of this myself, I wouldn t have been able to, she says. It wasn t difficult at all for her to adjust from living in a big house to a two-bedroom apartment home. I love it here. I m with all of my friends, and I see my husband every day. I ve been pleased right from the beginning.