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500 and counting

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April 27th, 2010

In less than 18 months, Ashby Ponds has become home to more than 500 people.Today 500 people live there. (Above photo by Jason Conners, File photos)"][/caption] This is a huge milestone, says Executive Director David Gallagher. To move in more than 500 people from late 2008 until now is amazing. I think it s a testament to the desirable lifestyle that Ashby Ponds offers. Residents enjoy resort-style living, complete with two restaurants, medical center, library, indoor swimming pool, putting green, salon/day spa, convenience store, PNC bank branch, fitness center, transportation system, classrooms, meeting spaces, and wireless Internet access in the main clubhouse. I love living here at Ashby Ponds, says Lois Mackay, who has the distinction of being one of the community s first residents. I can t say it enough. And the staff here is fantastic. I think they must be handpicked. The quality of neighbors is another strong point, according to many residents. Their interests run the gamut, evidenced by nearly 70 resident-run activities on campus, including happy hour, a computer club, conversational French and Spanish classes, an investment group, tai chi, yoga, movie night, coffee hour, gardening, and Wii bowling. I really think living at Ashby Ponds has added ten years to my life, says Marion Knowles, who moved to Ashby Ponds from McLean, Va., where she had lived for 40 years. Erickson communities provide stress-free living and everything you could want to help yourself physically and emotionally. I enjoy new experiences and new friends. It gives my children and grandchildren pleasure to see me having a good time. Chair of the Loudoun County Commission on Aging Charlotte Nurge agrees. I tell anyone who asks about Ashby Ponds to come and see it for themselves, says Nurge, who lives at Ashby Ponds. My philosophy is try it you ll like it. It s a wonderful experience to see an Erickson community in person. I can t see how anyone wouldn t be taken in by how well the people live together.

Real estate expertise

In addition to offering an enviable lifestyle in the heart of Loudoun County, Ashby Ponds presents future residents with a rare opportunity access to some of the area s sharpest real estate minds. People moving toAshby Ponds can take advantage of the complimentary Erickson Realty & Moving Services program, designed to remove the stress associated with selling a home, packing, and moving. Personal moving consultants provide futureAshby Ponds residents with home visits, customized plans, and referrals to a handpicked network of real estate agents, organizers, and downsizing companies. Beatrice and David Daniel are thankful for the help they received with selling the house in Arlington, Va., where they had lived for the past 43 years. When it came to planning our move,Erickson Realty & Moving Services was outstanding, says Mrs. Daniels. In the short time that we ve lived here, I ve learned that this level of wonderful service can be found with all the Ashby Ponds staff members. Our experience was fantastic, and there is nothing about Ashby Ponds that I am not happy with. Neighbors Bill and Mary Sharpe are equally thrilled with their choice. We experienced zero stress when moving from our Bethesda, Md., home to Ashby Ponds, says Mr. Sharpe. With all the help we received prior to our move, we knew moving here was a wonderful decision. And now that we are here, we are happy as larks, chimes in Mrs. Sharpe. We love our new life.

Facing the future

With more than 500 people enjoying the Erickson lifestyle at Ashby Ponds, plans are currently underway to welcome many more neighbors. As Gallagher announced on opening day, Ashby Ponds is a place where people will come together and share their gifts and talents to literally create a community. And the proof is in the growing numbers of happy residents who now call Ashby Ponds home. We never cease to learn in our lives, says Nurge. Meeting and making new friends, that s really what life is all about. And Ashby Ponds is a great place to do that.