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The American story

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April 27th, 2010
America--the Story of Us 1
America--the Story of Us 1

Yesterday evening, I received a press release from the History Channel s publicity department. In huge block lettering, the headline read AMERICA: THE STORY OF US BREAKS RECORDS FOR HISTORY , and posted below were the ratings. On Sunday night, April 25, the series premier garnered 5.7 million viewers, all of whom made it the highest rated and most watched show in the network s history. I'm not at all surprised When I first watched the advance screener, I was highly impressed with the show s concept and production value. This 12-episode series takes viewers on a guided tour of 400 years of American history, starting from the very beginning with the Jamestown settlement all the way up through the millennium and the election of President Barack Obama. The first installment gives the audience an almost God-like perspective on the founding or invention of one of the most powerful nations in world history. Using computer-generated imagery, filmmakers craft elaborate flyovers that zip along the East Coast and recreate the transformation of small, dirt farm settlements into sprawling plantations which, in turn, give way to small cities, and, ' later, heavily populated metropolises. What is now home to some 300 million people was, at the time of the Jamestown settlement, a land of untapped resources beneath 50 billion trees. As the filmmakers depict, this is the beginning of our story a nation of pioneers, trailblazers, and risk takers. In addition to the brilliant CGI, the program s reenactments of key moments in American history the Boston Massacre, Paul Revere s midnight ride, and the Battle of Bunker Hill are worth watching. These, combined with commentary from guests such as Colin Powell, Michael Douglas, Buzz Aldrin, Meryl Streep, and Tom Brokaw, earnThe Story of Usa place alongside other first-rate History Channel ' programs likePawn Stars andAmerican Pickers. You can watch America: The Story of Us Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST on the History Channel.