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The Apple iPad

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April 27th, 2010

There s been a lot of buzz about a magical and revolutionary new tablet device that Apple finally revealed in San Francisco on January 27. Steve Jobs, Apple s CEO, introduced the iPad as the first in a new category of devices that are the middle ground between smartphones and laptops. [caption id="attachment_11684" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Reading e-mail on iPad. (Photo courtesy of myuibe on Flickr)"]Here are just a few features the iPad offers:

Browsing the Web

Users can access any Web page, news site, or blog using the Safari browser on the iPad. Some websites have already begun preparing their content specifically for the iPad, such as the New York Times, but most standard Web page layouts look great on the iPad. The device can also be tiled sideways or up and down, and the screen adjusts to widescreen or horizontal view based on the orientation. Two-finger pinching allows for you to zoom in, and as you flick your finger up and down the page, the text scrolls with it.

Reading books

Apple s iBooks application is a full screen e-reader application that allows you to see both pages of the book side by side in landscape mode, and the full page when holding it upright. The page moves up and down as you scroll with your finger, and the page flips animate as you horizontally scroll your finger across the sides of the screen.

Viewing photos

The interface for browsing photos and galleries is very smooth and intuitive. It s very similar to a digital picture frame that you can carry with you. When it s charging in its own docking station, it can show pictures on a slideshow much like a digital frame.

Watching movies / TV shows

The iTunes store allows you to either buy or rent movies from iTunes straight to the device. If you have a computer and content on your computer, you can sync this content to the device similar to an iPod. The backlit LCD display looks great when watching movies, even when watching in areas that are bright. Additionally, third-party developers are providing applications to stream video content, such as Netflix or ABC.

Listening to music

The iPad has been called a larger iPod Touch because it feels, looks, and displays very much like a larger iPod Touch. And like all iPod models, music can be downloaded right to the device and synced to or from iTunes on your computer.

Playing games

Similar to the iPhone, the app store will allow you to purchase and install applications one of the most obvious is games. The initial releases of games made for the iPad include puzzle games, racing games, and more. The larger screen layout makes the games easy to see. Some games take advantage of the built-in accellorometer, which when tilting the device controls the game play.