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Crawling all the way' to 1,200+ miles

Ed Braun swims for fun and goes the distance

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April 26th, 2010

Swimming laps sounds like exercise to most people. But for Ed Braun, swimming is in addition to exercise. [caption id="attachment_11629" align="alignright" width="169" caption="Seabrook swimmer Ed Braun (File photo)"]Seabrook and takes advantage of its glass-enclosed, indoor swimming pool five days a week. In fact, he enjoys it so much that he had swum 1,000 miles in the community s pool by last July and has continued to log laps since then.

Diving in

Originally from Michigan, Braun learned to swim in the state s many lakes. However, he didn t start tracking his miles until he moved to New Jersey more than 30 years ago. I worked at Fort Monmouth and realized I wasn t getting any exercise, so I started brown bagging my lunch and swimming in the pool during lunch, he says. I kept track and eventually logged 4,800 miles. While he began his swimming routine for fitness, he now considers it recreation. It s not exercise, he says. I enjoy it.

Part of a healthy lifestyle

[caption id="attachment_11628" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Baby, it s warm inside: This past winter, countless aquatic lovers took advantage of Seabrook s glass-enclosed swimming pool during the blizzards. (Submitted photo)"][/caption] Braun moved toSeabrookfive years ago in part because of its indoor swimming pool. I wouldn t have moved anywhere without one, he says adamantly. This past winter he, along with countless other aquatic lovers at Seabrook, took advantage of the amenity during the season s several blizzards. In addition to the pool, Braun uses the fitness center which is open to those who live atSeabrook. But make no mistake about it he has no plans to stop swimming and move on to another sport. When asked if he would ever consider entering the Senior Olympics, a national event held biannually for athletes over 50, Braun says no thanks. I don t do it for speed, he explains. I just enjoy doing it. And while he soaks up joy in the pool, he looks at swimming with a mathematic approach. Braun logs every lap, every mile, splitting his workouts into 10 miles across 12 days by swimming 44 laps a day Monday through Friday. I stop once in a while, but I don t take breaks, he says. I do the crawl all the way.