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Halletts downsize for a perfect fit

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April 27th, 2010

[caption id="attachment_11700" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Mary Ann and George Hallett find comfort in their new apartment home at Linden Ponds. "]Linden Ponds, they realized just how much they had brought with them. Feeling like they couldn t move in their own space, they knew they hadn t downsized as much as they should have. The hardest part of moving was downsizing, says Mr. Hallett. When you have an attic and a basement and a shed and a garage we had a lot of things we didn t know we had.

Scaling back

Downsizing is a common challenge, especially for people moving from homes they have lived in for decades. The Halletts moved to Linden Ponds this winter from a large house in Milton, Mass., where they had lived for 20 years. With help from Linden Ponds Personal Moving Consultant Lynne Ford, who visited them in their house, the Halletts were able to scale back significantly. They located a group supporting Vietnam veterans that made a handful of trips to their home, collecting about six cartons of items each time. They also gave a great deal of their belongings to their children. Then Ford pointed the Halletts toward a real estate agent and moving company. It made it easier to have someone like Lynne to pick her brain, says Mrs. Hallett. But, despite their having mapped out the floor plan of their new apartment home with Ford, the Halletts felt they had arrived with too much.

Hidden treasure

The Treasure Chest was the answer, Mr. Hallett says. TheLinden Pondsthrift store the Treasure Chest accepts secondhand items from members of the community and sells them. Profits benefit various funds within the community, including the Scholarship Fund for student employees and the Benevolent Care Fund for those who live atLinden Pondsand are experiencing financial hardship. Volunteers working at the Treasure Chest made a few trips to the Halletts apartment home to pick up items the couple wished to donate. It made us feel good that somebody s going to appreciate these things, Mr. Hallett says. For those preparing to make a move, he advises: Take a second look after you re ready to go; say to yourself, Do I really need this? The Halletts have since settled into their apartment, happy with the items they chose to keep. Their spacious and bright home, decorated in blues and whites, reveals nothing of the unpacking and downsizing process.

How do they feel?

Mr. Hallett sums it up: We re very comfortable now.