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Tallgrass Creek gears up for third annual Clean Sweep

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April 5th, 2010

When Judy Baxter makes a clean sweep, she doesn t need a broom. However, she does need furniture and other household items. [caption id="attachment_8791" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Tallgrass Creek residents Nancy McCreery, Shirley Bradley, Betsy Heimke, and Carol McCurdy are among the volunteers who coordinate the community s Treasure Chest Store. (Photo by Mary Bush) "][/caption] As Tallgrass Creek s Personal Moving Consultant, Baxter started its Clean Sweep program, which helps people who are moving to the community sift through years of accumulation and find homes for no-longer-needed items. Some of our residents have lived in their houses for 30 or 40 years, says Baxter. I hear I just don t know what to do with my things so frequently. That s where the Clean Sweep comes in. Since it started three years ago, the program has helped ease the moving process for several dozen residents. A local mover picks up Clean Sweep participants unwanted items from inside the home, not curbside. The items are then taken to Tallgrass Creek, where they become inventory in the community s newest project, the Treasure Chest Store. On March 16, the store had its grand opening on campus. Now open the third Tuesday of each month, it includes what Clean Sweep participants have donated as well as other things current residents have brought to the store. It s actually more of an estate sale, says Community Resources Coordinator Jill Cline. There are lots of nice [caption id="attachment_8789" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Shawn Cross, left, donates his company s time, staff, and trucks to help future residents of Tallgrass Creek get rid of their unwanted household items."][/caption] household items, dishes, and furniture. I ve seen record collections, antique Barbie collections, silver, just all kinds of things. The store is open to residents, staff, and their invited friends and family. Sylvia Lindbeck, who moved to Tallgrass Creek last year, donated to the sale and has also been a customer. I received a set of Revere cookware 55 years ago when I was married and somehow misplaced the one pan I use the most, says Lindbeck. I found exactly the same-sized pan I lost, at the sale. About a dozen volunteers who live at Tallgrass Creek coordinate the pricing, staffing, and display for the Treasure Chest Store. Proceeds go to Tallgrass Creek s Benevolent Care Fund, which helps residents facing financial hardship. Nancy McCreery is among the volunteers and believes the Clean Sweep program and store provide an efficient way to dispose of unwanted items that also makes them meaningful. We like that the proceeds from the sale go to the Benevolent Care Fund, says McCreery. And working with the Treasure Chest Store is just fun. We meet people and get to see all the interesting things first. [caption id="attachment_8781" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Tallgrass Creek resident Sylvia Lindbeck cooks with a Revere pan she found at the community s Treasure Chest. The pan is exactly like the one she received 55 years ago as a wedding gift. (Photo by Mary Bush)"][/caption]