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Eagle’s Trace expands panel of health care providers

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May 25th, 2010

When it comes to medical care, Houston s reputation is off the charts. In its annual survey of America s best hospitals, U.S. News & World Report ranked several Houston hospitals among the top ten in the country across six different specialties, including cardiac care, cancer treatment, and rehabilitation. With such a dense concentration of specialists in the region, residents of the Bayou City don t have to drive far to receive outstanding medical care. The not-so-good news is that it can take weeks and even months to get an appointment with a specialist. Add the hassle of securing a referral from a primary care physician, and the result can be one medical nightmare.

A new kind of health care reform

Eagle s Traceis changing the way seniors connect with their doctors. With two full-time board-certified physicians on staff Mark Holden, M.D., and Raina Patel, M.D. residents benefit from same-day or next-day appointments. Our goal is to make medical care as convenient and accessible as possible for our residents, says Medical Practice Manager Linda Green. Toward that end, Eagle s Trace is committed to adding several specialists each year to the community s on-site medical center. Currently, the specialist suite is occupied on a rotating basis by a podiatrist, neurologist, audiologist, and dentist. The podiatrist and neurologist are on campus twice a month, the audiologist comes once a month, and the dentist is here once a week, says Green. Our physical therapy staff is here full-time. 

Medical roundtable

The addition of specialists to the panel of on-site health care providers increases the opportunities for integration of care. We have developed a very good network of specialists in the west Houston area, says Holden. Bringing them on-site allows us to better coordinate a patient s care. Easy communication between doctors allows for quick, accurate, on-the-spot assessments and treatment. Having specialists right around the corner makes it easy to ask them to come into an examination room, take a look at a problem and assess it right away, says Holden. Treatment is quicker and more efficient when we all work together. 

Cutting-edge ' technology

In addition to convenience and coordination of care, Eagle s Trace residents have access to the latest medical advances. Sara Nagel, Au.D., founder of the Center for Audiology, began seeing patients at Eagle s Trace in March. According to Nagel, huge strides in technology over the past two years have improved the automatic function of hearing aids by testing the environment and adjusting accordingly to minimize background noise. Additionally, most hearing aids are now multipurpose devices that can sync up with a cell phone or a TV using Bluetooth technology. I have a patient at Eagle s Trace who has difficulty opening up her cell phone, says Nagel. Now when her cell phone rings, she pushes a button and answers the call through her hearing aid. Hearing loss is interesting because it usually affects more than just the patient, she adds. It affects their family and friends as well. The best part of my job is helping people improve their hearing it enhances their quality of life.

Transportation not required

Podiatrist Steven Lieberson, D.P.M., has offices in Sugar Land and downtown Houston, but looks forward to the days that he works at Eagle s Trace. It is a win-win situation for everyone, says Lieberson. I get to essentially make house calls with the added benefit of a fully outfitted medical facility, and the residents don t have to drive to a doctor s office. The specialists at Eagle s Trace are selected for their interest and skills in working with older adults. We invite specialists to join our team who will be a good fit for the geriatric community, says Green. Sometimes a resident will recommend a particular specialist to us. Such was the case with dentist Ryan Loveless, D.D.M. Resident Muriel Kessler was a patient of Loveless father, also a dentist, in Sugar Land before she moved to Eagle s Trace in November 2005. When Kessler heard that the Eagle s Trace medical center was looking for a dentist, she recommended Loveless, a recent graduate of the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston. I think it is just wonderful that we have the specialists available in the medical center, says Kessler. When I need to see a doctor, it is easy to make an appointment and the office is just a short walk from my apartment. I don t have to hop in the car and drive anywhere.