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A familiar ring

Utah couple chooses Erickson community based on personal experience

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May 25th, 2010

What s in a name? A lot, if you ask Alan and Mary Joslyn. Long before they moved to Wind Crest in December 2009, the Joslyns drove nearly 500 miles from their house in Ogden, Utah, to see for themselves the community that bore the name they had become familiar with: Erickson. Mary had done some research on Riderwood in Silver Spring, Md., for her cousin, says Mr. Joslyn, a Proctor & Gamble retiree. She spent a lot of time on the phone with the staff and had a very positive impression of the community. We liked what Riderwood had to offer so we joined the mailing list and began receiving the Erickson Tribune each month.


A few years later, the Joslyns decided their 4,000-square-foot, four-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath home was more space than they needed and too far from the services they wanted. Their first thought? Check out the new Erickson community being built in Colorado Wind Crest. We were living in the mountains northeast of Salt Lake City, says Mr. Joslyn. We had skiing and all kinds of wonderful outdoor things at our doorstep, but we were far away from hospitals and any kind of health care. We have family in the Denver area, which is also one of the reasons we considered Wind Crest. But there also just wasn t anything comparable to Wind Crest in the Utah area. After visiting longtime friends who had moved to Wind Crest, the Joslyns joined the priority list to reserve their place in line for an apartment home and less than two years later followed suit. They began by contacting an Erickson Realty & Moving Services recommended real estate agent, Jacqueline Hoff of Coldwell Banker s Ogden, Utah, office. Jacqueline had a lot of suggestions when it came to preparing our house for sale and we tried most of them, says Mr. Joslyn. We tried to make the house as depersonalized as possible. We took down family pictures, cleaned out the closets, and packed odds and ends away in storage to make it as clean as we could.

Winning strategy

Hoff says the fact that the Joslyns took the time to prepare their home beforehand aided in its quick and successful sale. It s important to have your home ready to go before you list it for sale, says Hoff. All decluttering, cleaning, repairs, updating, staging, and price evaluation should be completely done. It s very important that buyers feel that the home is ready to go and can envision themselves living there. When it came to establishing the price of their home, Hoff says the couple did everything right. The Joslyns were realists in regard to the current real estate market and were motivated to sell their home, says Hoff. Therefore, they priced the home appropriately right off the bat. As a result, they sold their home in a little over a month at just 3.5% under asking price. According to Hoff, the most common mistake sellers make is overpricing their home. Overpricing at the start is extremely detrimental, says Hoff. In real estate, we call starting high and dropping the price of a home over time chasing the market. It s imperative that a home be priced right as soon as it s posted for sale. Otherwise, buyers don t think you re serious about selling and will move on to the next property. With the sale taken care of, the Joslyns are enjoying the convenience and active lifestyle Wind Crest offers. It s a wonderful way to live. This is a new phase of our life, and we re enjoying every minute of it! says Mr. Joslyn. We are part of a tennis group and we play a couple of times a week. We also play bridge. There are interesting activities going on all the time. You could be busy eight hours a day doing different things on campus. We just think Wind Crest is wonderful.