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May 25th, 2010

What s standing between you and that long list of books you want to read? For many people, it s a matter of time. For others, vision issues can make reading difficult. AudioFilemagazine and been a judge for The Audies, the APA s award for the best in audio books. Coulter agrees that the quality of the narration is key to a good audio book. The reader who understands the intention of the author makes all the difference, he says. Occasionally, the authors themselves will record the narration to their books, with varying results. Sometimes I m a little disappointed when authors narrate their own book, Coulter says. Some authors are dynamite. They totally get it and it s great to hear them. But when someone isn t a professional actor or doesn t have a good voice quality, it s hard to hold my attention. Did you know? Some of 2010 s top audio books: Nelson Mandela s Favorite African Folktales The Time of My Life Patrick Swayze The World of Promise Audio Bible Calla Gold, a jewelry designer from Santa Barbara, Calif., says audio books are one of her passions. She listens while driving to visit her customers and says she revels in a fantastic adventure that unfolds parallel to my working life. Gold chooses her listening material according to the time of day. I listen to any Louis L Amour story before bed, she says. It doesn t matter if I ve heard it a bunch of times. It s interesting enough to get me to listen and stop my mind thinking about other things. Then I just happily conk out. Gold says this technique works so well that she purposely doesn t listen to Louis L Amour in the car. Wouldn t want to fall asleep at the wheel, she says.

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