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Riderwood celebrates 10 years

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May 25th, 2010

The almost three thousand people who live at Riderwood recognized the community s ten-year anniversary last month, and there was a lot worth celebrating. Since opening in May 2000, Riderwood has earned the distinction of being the nation s largest continuing care retirement community. The Silver Spring campus contains five neighborhoods, located on 120 acres across two county lines (Montgomery County and Prince George s County), making its unique geography as distinctive as the people who call it home.

What s distinctive about ' Riderwood residents?

Riderwood has the largest college-level continuing education program among retirement communities. An average of 650 people who live at Riderwood attend classes each semester in a partnership with the Community College of Prince George s County. They care about their environment. Riderwood is the only retirement community in the world with a Corporate Lands for Learning Certification. The designation, a reflection on residents environmental stewardship, means the campus can be used as an outdoor classroom for students learning about conservation and ecology. Riderwood is also the only retirement community in the United States that has earned Wildlife Habitat Council Certification. As a wildlife habitat, the community works to preserve nesting sites and food sources, remove invasive plant species, and provide environmental education year-round. They are involved and evolving. Riderwood has 230 resident-driven activities. Groups range from Socrates Caf and the Actors Club to Fidos for Freedom and the Helen Club (for all residents named Helen ). They give their time and resources to help others. Riderwood provided a donation of 1,500 gallons of water to Caravan for Haiti. The March 2010 Caravan was the largest shipment of trucks and vans more than 50 vehicles sent during the relief efforts.

Throughout May, Riderwood involved and recognized its accomplished residents through celebratory activities including a bake sale, art show, ukulele performance, handbell concert, theatrical performance, and multiple choral acts. It has been inspiring over the years to watch residents share their interests and talents, says Senior Community Service Manager Claudia Farr, who has worked at Riderwood for the ten years the campus has been open. Our groups and activities reflect our vibrant community and the unique people who live here, and the individual residents have a passion for the community spirit. The volunteer leaders across the campus are the backbone of Riderwood and its community. Truly, this activity level and volunteerism has enhanced the lives of all of us in some way.