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Staging your garage

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May 25th, 2010

Ready to place your house on the market but still missing something? It s clean, it s organized, it s repainted, but oh my gosh the garage! Garage staging is a much overlooked part of staging a home for sale. But the garage is a valuable addition and a major priority for many prospective home buyers. Keeping it presentable can mean the difference between landing a terrific offer and having yet another buyer move on to the next house. Garage staging strategies are not difficult nor do they need to be expensive. Unlike the interior of the house, garages do not require costly d cor. All they entail is some well planned effort.


First, remove all junk. Put all the keepers onto the driveway. Then clean and organize until there is a place for everything and everything in its place. Some items may require replacing or buying new plastic, resin, or composite shelving and cabinets made for garage spaces. Placing them along the sides and back walls of the garage makes way for buyers to house their autos.


Be sure the interior lighting is in good repair and all electrical outlets are covered and operational. Double-check that the garage door is working. Keep the design of a garage simple yet efficient.


Have a handyman paint the walls, ceiling, and floor (yes, floor!) for a clean look and feel. For further protection, you can lay down outdoor carpeting. Replacing the doors, or at least repainting them, can make a real difference in the curb appeal of your home. With spring here and summer pushing from behind, you may also want to position a few flowering plants outside the garage for that final touch. Staging your garage in these ways can make it 100% more appealing to any potential buyer without a significant investment of money or time. Now that you re ready, open sesame let the buyers come forth!