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Twist of fate

Parkville couple’s persistence pays off with dream home

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May 25th, 2010

Four years after joining Oak Crest s priority list, Joseph and Margaret Roach decided they were finally ready to trade in their oversized house and all of the backbreaking work that went with it for a maintenance-free apartment home at the popular Parkville retirement community. But things didn t go exactly as planned. We put our house up for sale in 2008, says Mrs. Roach. After four months, three showings, and no offers, we decided to take it off the market and gave up on the idea of moving. We just accepted that we would probably end up living in our house forever.

New year, new start

A year later, on a whim, the Roaches attended a moving expo at Oak Crest. It was then and there they discovered what a difference a year can make. We ran into the agent who had sold us our house 30 years ago, says Mrs. Roach. He [Gary Luttrell]remembered us and offered to come take a look at the house. At first, we were reluctant because we weren t sure we were up for all the things that go along with selling a house again, especially so soon. But after a few weeks went by, we figured, what do we have to lose? and gave him a call. In September 2009, the Roaches contacted Luttrell and once again listed their house for sale, only this time with a different outcome. Eleven days after putting their house on the market, the Roaches received a contract. In just two short months, they were living their dream. There were many factors that contributed to the quick sale of their house, says Luttrell. It was clean, bright, well maintained, and clutter-free. It showed very well, had great curb appeal, and most importantly, it was priced right. He adds, It s important to note that the Roaches didn t give their house away. They received 97% of their asking price. That s less than a $10,000 reduction from what it was listed it for.

Ahead of the game

In addition to receiving guidance from their real estate agent, the Roaches enlisted the help of Oak Crest sPersonal Moving ConsultantAshley Ruth. Ashley came out to the house before we moved and offered us assistance on how to downsize. She also measured all of our furniture and gave us suggestions on how we could best arrange the furniture in our apartment, says Mrs. Roach. Luckily, because we had put the house on the market the year before, we had already gotten rid of a lot of furniture and things we no longer used or needed. All in all, says Mrs. Roach, the move couldn t have gone any smoother. The mover Ashley recommended was just wonderful, she says. They were in and out in three hours! They unpacked and set up everything. And the best part: since we were already living in our new apartment when the big snow came last winter, we didn t have to worry about a thing. The Roaches are now enjoying their two-bedroom, two-bath, terrace-level apartment home and say they have felt right at home all along. We love living here! says Mrs. Roach. What s not to like? We re more active than ever. We play pinochle. I m an usher at the weekly movie in the theater here. I joined the welcoming committee. I play bingo twice a week. Joe is planning on joining the computer club. We belong to the church here at Oak Crest. And there are other things we hope to get involved in, she says. Plus, I don t have the stress of worrying about what to cook every night. The only thing we have to worry about now is which restaurant we want to dine at. It s like we ve moved on with our lives without skipping a beat, but without the stress and burden of the house. We re completely content.