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Two days to a sale

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May 25th, 2010

When Rose Angelone tried to sell her Princeton townhouse and move to Seabrook four years ago, the real estate agent she chose priced it too high to sell. From then on, I said I ll only use what Seabrook recommends, she says. This past March, her house sold in two days.

Good real estate instincts

Seabrook started a program two years ago that not only provides resources to people moving there but also offers a monetary incentive for taking its recommendations. The Move On Us program gives a reimbursement of up to $2,000 toward moving expenses for those who use one of Seabrook s preferred real estate agents. In March, Angelone put her house on the market again, this time using a real estate agent recommended by Seabrook. The agent assessed the home a corner townhouse with a large deck and hired a professional photographer to help it show well on the Internet. But because she priced it right, the house sold so quickly the photos were never even used. I was very impressed, Angelone says. She had the instinct of a good real estate agent.

Extra hands for moving

Once the house sold, Angelone turned her thoughts to moving. Moving at any age can be stressful, she says. You have to get rid of a lot of stuff. Again, she looked to Seabrook for advice. They referred her to a local moving company they trust and use often. Overall, she was pleased with the load of work they took off her shoulders. They packed one day, moved the next, and had me unpacked and ready to move in, she says. Angela Garofolo, move-in specialist for Seabrook, says she provides those moving to the community with a list of recommended resources at different price points. She recommends not only movers and real estate agents, but also downsizers and senior move managers. The senior move manager she recommends provides a one- to two-hour consultation, including an assessment of each room individually. If hired, the consultation is free, and the senior move manager then provides a floor plan of her clients new home; helps them downsize by selling, auctioning, or donating unneeded belongings; packs; moves; unpacks; and sets up the new home. It s a wonderful service, Garofolo says. We ve been using her for ten years. She has a huge crew that comes in and does all the work for the client. They don t have any worries.

Downsizing for less clutter

When it came time to downsize, Angelone opted to donate unneeded belongings to friends and family. I just don t need it anymore. And at the end, it s all worked out; I d rather live in less clutter and more simplicity. Now that Angelone has moved, she s busy settling in and still getting rid of extra stuff, she says, but they say everybody [brings too much] .It takes about a month before you can feel finished. Once she s settled, she plans to join the book club and a walking group, as well as volunteer her time. I plan on getting involved once I m settled in, she says. She ll fit in well at the active community that has more than 100 clubs and activities.