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Don’t let your bladder get you down

Staying safe en route to the bathroom

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June 10th, 2010

The majority of car accidents occur within miles of one s home, so it s not surprising that when people fall, they usually do it where they live. More specifically, falls tend to occur in the middle of the night when people get up to go to the bathroom, says Dimitri Cefalu, M.D. [caption id="attachment_12024" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Clutter on the floor, scatter rugs, low-lying furniture these set the stage for a fall. (File photo)"]Erickson residentshave someone looking out for them before they even move into their apartment homes. These communities are architecturally designed for people in this age group, so the risk of falling due to the physical environment is minimized, he says. Part of my life I spent in private practice, and often it was a big concern what a person was going home to the size of their home, whether they had steps to go up or down, where the bathroom was located, whether they had an adequate amount of lighting, did they have a phone in every room. AtErickson, it s less of an issue, Cefalu adds. There are more people around, the apartments are designed with this age group in mind, we can modify them easily, there s an emergency pull cord in every room and bathroom, we have multiple people whose specialty it is to evaluate living arrangements and minimize risk of falling. It s just safer I feel a lot better about my patients here.