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New photographers embrace the art at Linden Ponds

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June 22nd, 2010

Rita Dehner had gone her whole life without taking pictures; that included trips to various parts of the world and an African safari. She was convinced that she could not truly enjoy the moment from behind a lens. [caption id="attachment_12859" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Rita Dehner views photos on her laptop computer. She recently learned to use a camera and edit images through the Photography Club at Linden Ponds. (Photo by Setarreh Massihzadegan)"][/caption] While she still believes that philosophy, Dehner embraced the art of photography when she received her first camera about year ago at Linden Ponds. Dehner had been thinking that it was time to adopt a new hobby, while George Parrent, who also lives in the community, had been dreaming up a plan to support both new and experienced photographers there.

Photographic pair

An experienced photographer with a degree in photo reconnaissance, Parrent started the Photography Club to bring together people who had a lot of photographic experience, more particularly digital experience, with those who didn t have much experience and were awed by it, he says. Parrent achieved just that, pairing up novices like Dehner with savvier camera users like himself. The new photographer can rely upon his/her tutor for help using the camera throughout the week. In group meetings every other week, all participants show a few of their best shots, which fall into themes chosen in the previous meeting. Parrent gave Dehner a digital Sony camera of his and fielded questions from her about its use. He is [caption id="attachment_12858" align="alignright" width="280" caption="An image of a cat in a window box, taken by Rita Dehner and edited using Adobe Photoshop."][/caption] exceptionally knowledgeable in photography, Dehner says of her tutor. All of a sudden I just became fascinated and thought, This is something I want to be doing, says Dehner, who moved toLinden Pondsfrom Brockton, Mass., more than five years ago and also keeps busy line dancing, folk dancing, and walking along the beach in nearby Nantasket. Dehner took to photography immediately and Parrent considers Dehner one of the club s success stories.

Joy of change

Beyond the artistic eye required to capture an image on camera, Dehner and a number of the other dozen or so group members are similarly trying their hand at photo editing with software like Photoshop Elements, which Dehner now uses from her laptop computer. With the software s many tools, Dehner has myriad options to use her imagination and alter her images by adding layers, changing colors, and removing objects from them. [caption id="attachment_12856" align="alignright" width="280" caption="One of Rita Dehner's images in the theme "Spring at Linden Ponds.""][/caption] I just like the joy of seeing an image and seeing what you can do with it, Dehner says, adding of Photoshop, It is a lifelong learning experience.

Unique perspectives

Each photographer s uniqueness and imagination are evident in the Photography Club s biweekly meetings. Dehner brings her laptop and runs the projection system to display each member s exploration of themes like Shadows, Spring at Linden Ponds, and Three. Everybody has a different approach, which makes it kind of fun, Dehner says. On a walk during the time of the club s Three theme, Dehner happened upon a man who was loading a car. The two chatted and the man revealed that, despite the full car, he had to save room for his three big dogs. Dehner saw the opportunity immediately and asked if she could photograph them. She has learned the value of keeping her camera with her at all times. In pursuit of portrait shots, Dehner set up what she deemed Studio A and Studio B in her apartment and had a wonderful time climbing up on stairs to get the shot of one of her neighbors from various angles. Dehner s images were among those from the Photography Club members displayed outside of the performing arts center at Linden Ponds last month. In addition to mastering photography, Parrent hopes the group members will become better versed in the art of constructive criticism at their meetings. Everyone is a little shy, he says. I ll break them of that.