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Online pictures, dos and don’ts

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June 22nd, 2010

With more than 80% of buyers searching for homes on the Internet, more often than not, online photos create the first impression of your property. With this in mind, professional-looking pictures are a must. Here are some dos and don ts to ensure buyers get a great first impression of your house. DO feature best aspects. Show multiple pictures of your home s very best features for instance, the fireplace, a nicely landscaped yard, bay window, or newly remodeled kitchen. It isn t necessary to include shots of every room, but you will need a variety of photos to attract buyers to your property. DON'T display clutter. Clutter in person looks bad, but clutter in a photograph looks much worse! Clear off tabletops, counters, and desks. You may also wish to remove furniture and other items from the area to simplify the focus of the photo. DO use a wide angle lens. Your photographer should use a wide angle lens to better capture the spaciousness of a room. Without a wide angle lens, only a portion of the room can be photographed, giving the impression of a smaller space. DON'T show evidence of pets. Not all buyers appreciate pets. If you have one (or more), it is wise to hide the evidence so you can attract the widest range of buyers. Put away the doggie bowls and scratching posts! DO retake photos if needed. Photos are so important and well worth the extra effort to ensure buyers see your house at its best. If the photos of your home are not excellent especially if they are cluttered, blurry, or poorly lit don t hesitate to request that they be reshot. Make it a priority to attract buyers to your property through online photos. The more in-person showings you achieve, the more opportunities there are to receive offers!