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Retired 'elves' build toys for charity

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June 21st, 2010

HOUSTON, Tex. (June 21) Christmas may be a long way off, but at Eagle s Trace, several elves are working their magic for a summer toy delivery. With a little woodcarving and a dab of glue, they are making everything from toy cars and jigsaw puzzles to dolls and doll furniture. Working in partnership with Child Protective Services (CPS), Eagle s Trace residents who belong to the community s Woodworkers, Doll Makers, and Quilters clubs have made 150 handmade toys for underserved children in the Houston area. Each February, members from the Woodworkers get together and draw up plans for toy designs. Common toys include puzzles, trains, backloaders, bulldozers, dolls, and doll beds. CPS picked up the toys on June 21. We know the kids appreciate the toys we make," said Eagle's Trace resident Ray Hope, a cofounder of the program and founding member of the Woodworkers. We hear the stories and read the letters about how some of these toys become prized possessions. It s a great program. Following the June delivery, the Woodworkers will build a second batch of toys for distribution in November.