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Selling in 20 days

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June 22nd, 2010

Retired legal administrator Shirley Oaks had her heart set on moving to Charlestown, but she was nervous about selling her three-bedroom, two-bath condominium in a buyer s market. Then she discovered her ace in the hole: Erickson Realty & Moving Services, a program established to help people sell their houses quickly and move easily. Before she knew it, everything fell right into place. I sold very fast in less than three weeks I had a contract a rarity in this economy, says Oaks, who received almost double what she paid for her Columbia condo. You just have to bite the bullet sometimes and do things, even if you re not 100% sure everything will go perfectly.

Winning strategy

Oaks saysCharlestownprovided her with the tools she needed to successfully get through the selling and moving process. That s the beauty ofCharlestown they give you a list of reliable real estate agents, movers, and packers who are experienced in helping people who have lived in their houses for years. I was advised on everything and the steps that I should be taking, says Oaks. I trusted the professionals and listened to what they told me and things went smoothly. Charlestownrecommended agent Lou Bivona of Long & Foster, who listed Oaks condo. Ms. Oaks condo was on the market for 20 days 22 is the average for ourCharlestownclients, says Bivona. And she received 95% of the asking price, which is above average. Since 2009, there has only been one home out of 12 that has sold for more than Ms. Oaks [in that community]. According to Bivona, the key to Oaks quick sale compared to other comparable condos that were for sale at the same time was twofold: it was both move-in ready and priced right. Ms. Oaks did a great job of decluttering her home, says Bivona. She moved furniture out to make rooms look bigger, replaced the carpet with a more neutral color, and of course she priced it perfectly. There was another condo priced $20,000 more than Ms. Oaks at the time of her sale. It sold after hers for $10,000 less than what we settled for.

Firsthand experience

Oaks is not the firstCharlestownclient Bivona has worked with. He and his business partner Rob Skudrna have sold more than 40 homes for clients moving to Erickson properties in just the last two years. Bivona also has personal ties toCharlestown his in-laws have lived there for the last 14 years and Skudrna s aunt resided in the community for 25 years. Bivona says the Erickson Realty & Moving Services program has been a tremendous asset to his clients, helping them through the selling and moving process and removing much of the stress associated with moving. We get such positive feedback from our clients as to how they were treated throughout the entire process moving toCharlestown, says Bivona. The professionalism and services they provide make our job that much easier.

Sound advice

July 8 marks Oaks eight-month anniversary atCharlestown. She says she s extremely happy she made the move when she did and is enjoying her new apartment home nestled among the trees overlookingCharlestown snature trail. Even with all my doubts I had about moving and selling my condo, in the end I m glad I did it, says Oaks. It takes time to adapt. Anything new is uncomfortable. But that soon subsides and you realize it s worth it. I said to myself, Look, you have no worries now whether it s the heat pump going up, the roof leaking, or a horrible snowstorm. You can just totally relax and enjoy yourself and spend your time doing what you want. Now I m working out regularly at the fitness center and I try to walk at least a mile every day. Bivona offers this advice for anyone worried about selling their house in today s market: It s never too early to start the process. It costs nothing to have a Realtor or mover come to your house and give free advice on how to get started. We tell all our clients that homes are like snowflakes no two are exactly alike. Most people compare their homes to others, but until you go in and see how it is maintained or decorated, you have no idea how different they really are. We put all the pieces of the puzzle together before we list a property and when we do, we help you every step of the way.