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Walls not required

Apartment home makeover opens possibilities

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June 21st, 2010

Madeline Kaplan s search for the perfect apartment home at Fox Run proved the adage third time s a charm. The first apartment she toured was too large. The second one, too small. [caption id="attachment_12375" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Madeline Kaplan at her desk in her sunny Jackson apartment home. The TV on her kitchen wall is tuned to Fox Run s in-house television station."] That s when her daughter-in-law turned to Fred Moschetta, Fox Run s director of sales, and asked, Can we go into another one that has seating in the kitchen and open up more walls? Of course! he said. So they did. And the thoughtful makeover of that third apartment created an ideal abode.

Bedroom renovation

Kaplan s two-bedroom, two-bath Jackson apartment home is an end unit with six windows, including two each in the living area and kitchen. I like an open look, she says. As part of the makeover, the bedroom door and three feet of wall next to it were taken out. One of two bedroom closets was also removed. The result, now a den, is much more to Kaplan s liking. On one wall of her open den hangs a colorful rug she had made in Israel. Below it are her recliner, another big chair, and a table with shelves. On the opposite wall, her 60-inch flat-screen TV hangs above a long, low-slung Chinese cabinet.

Kitchen makeover

The original kitchen entrance had been about as wide as a door. In the makeover, it was widened by a foot on one side, and the top half of the wall was removed on the other. I don t like sitting in a room and facing a wall, Kaplan explains. I like it airy-looking. It looks twice as big when you don t have walls around you. Behind the lowered wall is a new built-in L-shaped desk for Kaplan s paperwork and breakfast meals. Its granite surface matches her kitchen countertops. The open layout means that when her sister, Helen Fealk who also lives atFox Run drops by, Kaplan can make tea in the kitchen and still see her sister in the living room. In addition, the renovations give her a line of sight from her bedroom into both the kitchen and den. Speaking of big, her family was amazed that her large bedroom pieces fit so comfortably in the master bedroom. It accommodates Kaplan s queen-size bed, triple dresser, tall chest, two nightstands, chair, and even an artificial tree. The only thing missing is the door to her walk-in closet. It wasn t needed, Kaplan felt, so it, too, got the boot in the makeover.

Bright spots

If her apartment style is now one-of-a-kind, its yellow walls also set it"_blank">Fox Run s Custom Interiors departmentsuggested the color, and it s beautiful, says Kaplan. Very soft yellow. I just love it. It s throughout the apartment and is so inviting when you come in. Her living room is long and spacious because she left her dining room table behind. She doesn t need one; Kaplan eats dinner in one of threeFox Run restaurantsand can host guests there too. But she did bring her mirrored dining room cabinets. Formed from units that attach to one another, they were taken apart and reassembled in various configurations in her living room to display her collectibles. Movers recommended byErickson Realty & Moving Serviceshandled the cabinets without a hitch, says Kaplan s daughter-in-law. The movers were the best! Kaplan s children did her packing, but aFox Run-recommended firm made quick work of unpacking and putting things away. Kaplan slept in her own bed the night of her move surrounded by things near and dear to her. This all worked out like a wonderful present, says her daughter-in-law. Her apartment is more than beautiful, and it can be so easily done. She can t wait to show it off.
Fox Run is an ' Erickson retirement community in Novi, Michigan. Erickson manages a network of 19 communities nationwide that combine a maintenance-free, active lifestyle with social activities, amenities, and medical offerings proven to improve both physical and mental health.