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Back in a 'college town'

Community even provides advisers along the way to new home

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July 26th, 2010

Kate Webster fondly remembers the home she shared with her grandmother near Harvard University. She was just a toddler, but she credits those years with instilling in her a sentiment that ultimately led her to Linden Ponds. My love of community started there, she says. Many years and homes later, Webster s appreciation for community drew her to Linden Ponds, which she first read about in the Erickson Tribune. She says the newspaper s stories piqued her interest, while at the same time she had begun to sense that her home in Woods Hole, Mass., had become more of a summer community than a fulltime place to live. I practically picked up the paper and decided I wanted to come, Webster says. She visited Linden Ponds for luncheons and tours and joined the priority list, which reserved her spot in line for an apartment home when she was ready. I just liked it from the start Every time I came here, it was so friendly, Webster says. It was a matter of when and how. Last winter, she looked out on her Woods Hole property and found it particularly grim. It was then that she decided to make the move.

Creative priorities

Webster had looked at many apartment styles at Linden Ponds and found support from Retirement Counselor Marisa Kelley in making her decision. She paid a lot of attention to my priorities, Webster recalls. When she saw the south-facing, seventhfloor Franklin apartment home, Webster imagined her own table in the kitchen corner. I could just picture myself having tea with friends, she says. Webster chose that apartment knowing that one of the two bedrooms would serve as her creative workspace. A retired nurse and amateur biological illustrator who takes on design and decorating projects, Webster wanted a space in which to scatter her supplies and do as she pleased. She says she d like to teach illustration at Linden Ponds eventually. As she prepared for her move, Webster received a visit from Linden Ponds Personal Moving Consultant Lynne Ford, who helped her decide which items to bring to her new home. I appreciated having support, having somebody go through it with you, says Webster. Lynne was wonderful. She was very cheerful, very organized. Together, they devised a plan for Webster s furniture, and based on that, Ford coordinated to switch the location of the phone and cable outlets in Webster s new living room. Linden Ponds Custom Interiors department also arranged to have a bookshelf built for Webster s new apartment home. Throughout the process, Ford advised Webster not to try to change her unique style, which featured a number of antique pieces. She has a quick eye and a good perspective, Webster says of Ford, who also explained that she wouldn t need as much space as she anticipated because the community s lounges and restaurants would also be part of her living area. In fact, I have more room here than I thought, Webster says, sinking comfortably into one of the community couches.

Welcoming home

Webster found a welcome environment when she arrived at Linden Ponds this spring. My neighbors were extraordinarily friendly; they came to my door, they brought me cookies, everyone said hi, she recalls. All of the people here are people who have been out in the world, who are willing to be team players. They all bring enormous talents, she says. Not only has she begun to get acquainted with her new neighbors, but she s diving into the community s many activities, including yoga classes at the fitness center. Just a couple of months after her move, Webster says, My friends have told me I m cheerful and listening better I m happier. Webster was eager to become part of her new community, where she says, It s like living in a university. Conjuring memories of her younger years near Harvard University s campus, Webster says, I m making home here. This is the nicest place I ve lived since I was 4 1/2."