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Citizen action helps clean Bradley Beach

Volunteers collect trash, recyclables, and data

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July 27th, 2010

Scads of volunteers cover the sand at Fifth Avenue and Gazebo in Bradley Beach, N.J. Some squat and stand, squat and stand; others walk with a reacher to gather items they put in their trash bags; and a few scribble down findings on their notepads. [caption id="attachment_13559" align="alignright" width="227" caption="Seabrook s Josephine Gross, armed with tools to help clean up Bradley Beach. (Photo by Travis Tanay)"][/caption] Residents and staff from Seabrook volunteer twice a year to help with the beach cleanup, an effort by Clean Ocean Action not only to clean littered beaches but also to collect data and identify sources of pollution. Seabrook resident Mary Lukas has participated twice and enjoys the camaraderie and fresh air. I think we do a very good deed to clean up the beach, she says. It s fun because there s a group of us, and we pair up so one keeps a record of what we find and the other picks up trash and recyclables. Clean Ocean Action provides trash bags, water, and snacks for the volunteers, along with a list of recyclables. Ann Marie Matthews, volunteer program coordinator for Seabrook, organizes volunteers from the community. It s another example of our part in the community at large, Matthews says. Everyone always feels so good spending the morning cleaning up the beach; it s beautiful. We enjoy the beaches, and we like to see them clean, agrees Ruth Gay, who lives at Seabrook and participated in the latest cleanup with 10 neighbors and 12 Seabrook staff members. It s best for all of us people, animals, everyone to clean the beaches. Both Gay and Lukas have the same sentiment: It s very worthwhile. The next beach cleanup will be in October.