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Conning the truth out of vitamin D

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July 27th, 2010
Truth about Vitamin D

One of the most remarkable findings about vitamin D came about by accident at an unlikely place a maximum-security hospital for the criminally insane. In April of 2005, an influenza epidemic raged through the population at Atascadero State Hospital in Atascadero, California. But as it progressed, Dr. John Cannell noticed something unusual: No patients on his ward became ill even though they had intermingled with infected patients in adjoining wards. It was soon discovered that all of Dr. Cannell's patients had been taking 2,000 units of vitamin D daily for several months. (Dr. Cannell had noticed from lab reports that many of his patients were deficient in the vitamin, so he had prescribed it.) Could that be why no one under his care got sick? A short while later, researchers from UCLA confirmed two other recent studies, showing that vitamin D was, in effect, a potent antibiotic and also had the ability to destroy viruses and fungi. Additional research has since supported this finding, as well as many other benefits of vitamin D including the possible prevention of heart disease and some cancers.