Her business card says she's a personal moving consultant

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July 5th, 2010

After 40 years in the same house, Roberta Gosselin says, We had a huge accumulation. The house, basement, and storage shed out back were full of things she and her husband had accumulated over the years. Some of those things were treasures, but some of it needed to go. ' As much as Gosselin and her husband, Lafayette, wanted to simplify their lives by moving to Brooksby in Peabody, Mass., the thought of dealing with all that stuff, selling their house, and coordinating a move seemed impossible until they met Ellen Meehan. [caption id="attachment_12758" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Lafayette and Roberta Gosselin credit their personal moving consultant for a smooth, stress-free move. (Setarreh Massihzadegan)"] ' Meehan s official title is Personal Moving Consultant, but ask anyone who has worked with her and they ll tell you her real title should be lifesaver. Meehan helped the Gosselins organize and downsize their things, prepare their house for potential buyers, find the right real estate agent, plan their move, and finally settle into their new apartment home at Brooksby. The personal moving consultant resource is available at every Erickson Living community; these skilled professionals do whatever is needed to help residents move with the least amount of stress. Having been a real estate agent for 15 years, it s really my specialty, Meehan says. So I help with securing reputable agents and making sure the property is priced correctly. As far as the move goes, I do everything, I ll get them movers, packers, downsizers, answer all their questions. My job is helping new residents through each step of the process because it can be such an emotional roller coaster. Ellen and the people she recommended all made it easier, says Mrs. Gosselin. She would say, You seem to be having trouble. Could I recommend somebody? She was always very tactful in the way she made the suggestions. And it worked! I am there for them and while it s not always the easiest thing, they are always so happy with the outcome, says Meehan. What s great for me is that, since I work at Brooksby, I feel like in many cases I m their first real contact in the community. Whenever I see someone I ve worked with, I always go up and give them a big hug. You really get to know someone through the moving process and it s wonderful to be able to stay connected after they actually move in because that s when they see why going through that process was worth it. Because, without exception, they are always thrilled with the outcome. We could not have done this without Ellen, adds Mrs. Gosselin. She made something that we thought was going to be horrendous absolutely doable! And by utilizing what is essentially a free service provided by Erickson, we started our new life out on the best possible footing. Everything was so smooth and stress-free. We couldn t have asked for more! To find out more about Erickson Realty & Moving Services and personal moving consultants, call 1-800-917-8643.