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Horseshoes a popular pastime

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July 27th, 2010

The folks at Highland Springs are making time to play again. Recreational sports clubs at the north Dallas community are on the uptick. Wii bowling, bocce ball, and golf clubs have all experienced soaring popularity since they were introduced on campus. Now, a growing number of people are channeling their inner child and heading outdoors to play horseshoes, that is.

Return of the familiar

When Bob Goff moved toHighland Springsthree and a half years ago, he was eager to bring all the comforts of home, both indoors and out. My wife and I lived on an acre and a half just north of San Antonio, says Goff. I had a horseshoe pit on the property, and my older son and I would always play when he visited. Shortly after I moved toHighland Springs, I spoke with Barbara [Blachly, community resources coordinator] about getting a horseshoe pit on campus. Blachly was happy to oblige. When a resident expresses an interest in an activity, we gauge its appeal to the community, she says. If we receive a favorable response, we find a way to make that activity available. After consulting with residents to determine their preferred location for the horseshoe pits, the general services team went to work. The horseshoe pits are in a really nice location overlooking the pond, says Steve Hurley, director of general services. The general services team makes every effort to ensure that improvements to the community are top-notch. The horseshoe pits were ready for play in May 2009, complete with benches and a storage box built in the on-campus wood shop by Chuck Cutler, a member of theHighland SpringsWoodchucks. And with the site development complete, Hurley has even been known to join the resident players a time or two. The Ringers, as they are referred to on campus, meet every other Thursday for a friendly game of horseshoes. We play in teams of two, so four people can play at a time, says Goff. We don t play for anything in particular just bragging rights.

Renegade ringers

While the Thursday Ringers follow the traditional methods of play, a group of friends from Gardenview Court, one of the community s residence buildings, meets at the horseshoe pit every Monday and Friday for a less structured game. We re the non-sanctioned club on campus, jokes Bill Dorn, who has enjoyed the informal pastime since moving to the community last year. We make up our own rules, and no one cares who wins or loses. It gives us a chance to head outdoors and shoot the breeze. For many players, like Dorn, horseshoes is a new hobby, a chance to spend a leisurely morning with neighbors. When I moved here, I wasn t looking for any specific activity, says Dorn. But now that I m here, horseshoes is one of my favorite things to do.