Life’s a beach at Riderwood!

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July 5th, 2010

My husband and I moved to Ocean City, Md., after he retired from the government, says Rita Brennan. While we loved living by the ocean, we found the winters tough, so we escaped to Florida for the colder months. But when the snowbird lifestyle lost its luster, the Brennans began to seriously consider moving closer to their 6 children and 19 grandchildren. [caption id="attachment_12551" align="alignright" width="280" caption="(File photos)"]Riderwood and they asked us to come visit, says Brennan. We both really liked what we saw. We joined the priority list (to reserve our place in line for an apartment home) and decided to sell our house in Ocean City. She was determined to move to Riderwood. I really wanted to be closer to the children and to take advantage of the Riderwood lifestyle, says Brennan, whose husband passed away during the interim. In January 2008, Brennan moved to Riderwood and now finds herself busier than ever with family and friends. My two daughters and I spend our time going out to lunch and shopping together, she says. Two of my four sons also live in the area so I am lucky to enjoy a lot of family time. Of course, everyone loved visiting when we lived in Ocean City, but that hasn t changed. And because we live closer, we are able to see each other much more often. One of the things I really like to do is host a seafood night here at my home at Riderwood. I shop for crab legs and invite the family. It s always a fun time, she says. In addition to having precious family time, Brennan is reaping the many benefits that come from no longer having to take care of a house. After having six children, it s nice to have things done for me, she says. I especially appreciate that I can simply go downstairs to have a delicious meal. And during the big snowstorm earlier this year, I was very well cared for. Dining services came through with food and menu choices when we couldn t get out to buy groceries. And I didn t even have to pick up a shovel. The Riderwood staff is wonderful. Brennan has also been pleasantly surprised by her friendly neighbors at Riderwood. For many years, when our children were young, we lived in Silver Spring, Md., she says. Amazingly, I am meeting up with many of the people I knew during those years, here at Riderwood. This is just a really, really nice place to live, says Brennan. The only thing I miss is the ocean, but there is so much here to make up for it. I really couldn t ask for better people to live with.