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July 5th, 2010
Personal Moving Consultant Suzanne McAllister, whom clients warmly call Suzy, isn t always Mrs. Nice she has a competitive side too. When she isn t helping people sell their houses, she s playing on the tennis courts in the USTA, the United States Tennis Association.

Natural talent

Long before McAllister got her real estate license, she played tennis. She was so good that she was ranked in the state of Delaware by the time she was 9 and played tournaments until she was 18. I stopped playing competitively from 19 to 33; then I started playing adult tennis, and I love it, McAllister says. In the USTA, she plays on teams in Delaware and Pennsylvania. The rankings start at 2.5, and she s at the 4.5 level, though at times gets bumped up to 5.0, which is just under the semipro rankings. She s played in tournaments in California, Florida, Alabama, and Arkansas, mostly in women s and mixed doubles matches. My strength as a tennis player is that I win matches that I really shouldn t win because I m a little smarter on the court than the average player; I come up with a strategy and do whatever it takes to get the win, McAllister says. This mentality has served her well in her career in real estate. First, she started working with people who bought houses, fixed them up, and sold them for a profit. Her role on the team was to design a plan to repair, stage, and sell the houses. She was good at this because, like the game of tennis, her work required strategizing. Then one day, a friend from a local tennis club mentioned that he was moving toMaris Grove a retirement community that offered a refundable deposit for his home. I honestly had never heard of anything like this and thought I d better make sure this decision was in his best interest. I researchedMaris GroveandErickson(its parent company), and upon my first visit, I was astonished and impressed by what was going on basically in my own backyard, says McAllister, who lives in Delaware County, where Maris Grove is located. Wanting to be a part of theEricksonteam, she jumped at the chance to be a personal moving consultant in 2008. As such, she meets with people who plan to move toMaris Grovewhile they are still in their houses. There, she discusses real estate and the psychology behind it; she wants people to know who will most likely buy their particular house and why, which makes selling easier. She creates a plan to depersonalize and declutter the space, make repairs, and stage the house. Then she ll recommend real estate agents and moving companies. She even coordinates appointments with real estate agents, handymen, and auctioneers, plus she helps clients understand contracts. McAllister also helps clients downsize and lay out the space in their new apartment homes. As a personal moving consultant, I help create a plan to make the transition toMaris Groveas easy as possible. This plan is different for everyone, so I have to assess each situation and come up with the best strategy to get the job done, she says. Since 2008, she has visited more than 550 homes as a personal moving consultant withErickson Realty & Moving Services.

Satisfaction from a job well done

Basically, McAllister s job is to make the lives of the people she s working with easier. But most of all, I m there to offer support to the folks moving to Maris Grove, in whatever way they may need it, so they can start enjoying the wonderful lifestyle sooner rather than later, McAllister says. Perhaps her favorite part of the job is visiting with clients a few weeks after they ve moved toMaris Groveand seeing how they re thriving in their new lifestyle. It is incredibly fulfilling, she says. When she isn t visiting clients or playing tennis, she s raising her 17-year-old daughter, who is ranked #1 in singles on her high school team. McAllister s mother, who didn t start playing tennis until she was 40, is now 77 and plays at least four times a week. She was instantly a good player because she watched me take lessons for so long, McAllister says. Though she has a full schedule, McAllister still finds the time to make herself available to her clients 24/7 via cell phone, and she is extremely happy to always be in their court. Services provided by McAllister andAnn s ChoicePersonal Moving Consultant Colleen Rosica are complimentary to people moving toMaris GroveandAnn s Choice.