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Mount Vernon condo sells in 10 days

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July 26th, 2010

When native New Yorker Rebekah Kennedy moved to Baltimore a little more than 20 years ago, she was immediately attracted to the beauty, convenience, and culture Charm City afforded her. [caption id="attachment_13173" align="alignright" width="280" caption="When she's not visiting friends or the theater in Baltimore, Rebekah Kennedy takes in her Charlestown view. (Photo by Sara Walters)"][/caption] We lived on Mount Vernon Square right down the street from the Walters Art Museum, says Kennedy. It was wonderful to be surrounded by the beautiful architecture and to be able to walk to so many restaurants, shops, and museums. After two decades, Kennedy now widowed decided to trade city living for something that better suited her lifestyle. Her search started and ended at Charlestown, a community southwest of Baltimore in the suburb of Catonsville.

Right time, right place

During the 20 years my husband and I lived in Baltimore, we kept running into people acquaintances of ours who lived atCharlestown, and they would say how much they liked it, says Kennedy. So we had a positive image of the community from the start. When she finally visitedCharlestownin person, Kennedy had no doubt it was where she wanted to be. I was mind-boggled at how beautiful the community was the trees, the lake, the chapel it was all just so lovely, she says. Over the years, I had visited friends at other retirement communities, and I never sensed the energy I did here. So Kennedy joined Charlestown spriority list, which reserved her spot in line for an apartment home whenever she was ready. When the time was right, she contacted Retirement Counselor Steffany Byers, who helped her find the apartment home of her dreams and introduced her to Personal Moving Consultant Vera Ballard. Vera came to my house and told me what she could offer me in terms of help with selling and moving, says Kennedy. She provided me with a list of services including agents, movers, other useful resources. Like clockwork, ten days after listing her two-bedroom, two-bath condominium for sale, Kennedy had a sold sign in the window. I was really pleased at how quickly the condo sold, says Kennedy. It s very stressful wondering if you ll sell your house in time and trying to coordinate how you re going to move all that stuff. Luckily, all that stuff was in good hands when Kennedy hired a mover recommended by Ballard to handle her packing and moving. I was so overwhelmed at first, I didn t know where to start. My husband and I were both collectors. Our home was crammed with all kinds of things we acquired over the years. I had 3,000 books, tons of paintings and pictures I could not have done it without their help, says Kennedy.

Home inside and out

Six months later, Kennedy is settled into her new one-bedroom apartment home and says life couldn t be better. Frankly, as beautiful as my old place was, I like this apartment better, she says. It s just the right size for me. I m surrounded by my favorite things. My new home is flooded with natural light. I have a wonderful view of the trees and sky. I have a beautiful patio with a western exposure, so I see sunsets now something I haven t experienced since my kids were small. Although she s content atCharlestown, she says she still makes it back to the city three times a week. I have so many friends there and activities like music, theater, and art that I will always enjoy visiting, says Kennedy. But I m also anxious to immerse myself into the lifestyle here atCharlestown.