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Persistence pays off

Moving timeline proves to be a perfect fit for Lake Livingston couple

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July 27th, 2010

Having a house on the market for a year and a half is generally not chalked up as a success. But for Otis and Doris Petty, the wait was a lesson in perfect timing. The Pettys lived in a two-bedroom lake home on the shores of Lake Livingston before moving to Eagle s Trace last year. And although the congenial couple can finish each other s sentences, they didn t see eye to eye when it came to moving. We were getting to the point in life when we needed to make a change, says Mr. Petty. In terms of health care options, I didn t think Polk County would meet our needs in the future. Moving was a big thing for me, counters Mrs. Petty. I didn t even want to think about it. After doing some convincing, Mr. Petty won out. The search was on for a new place to live. With assistance from their two adult daughters, one in Lake Jackson and the other in south Houston, the Pettys visited several communities across the city.

Feels like home

They were first introduced toEagle s Tracethrough friends at church whose daughter-in-law is Tami Jensen, the community s retirement counselor. We came down and had dinner atEagle s Traceand were very impressed with the community, says Mr. Petty. It had everything we wanted. The first time the couple put their home on the market, they listed it with a friend who also happened to be a real estate agent. Nothing happened, so we started casting about for a new real estate agent, says Mr. Petty. That s when we found Mary Anne. Real estate agent Mary Anne Tyler brought a fresh perspective to the situation. Part of my job is education, says Tyler, who was introduced to the couple by theirEagle s TracePersonal Moving Consultant Blaga Bayer. I try to get the sellers to look at their home from a buyer s point of view and be prepared for any obstacles that may come up. In the Pettys case, their boathouse was the albatross, according to Tyler. They shared the boathouse with their neighbor in an agreement that dated back to the original owner of the house, she says. We had to resolve the concerns about the boathouse before we could move forward. Tyler s foresight paid off. When the right buyers walked through the home, they were taken with the positives the big windows overlooking the water and the enclosed sunroom, she says. The boathouse wasn t even an issue.

Ready to go

By the time the papers were signed, Mrs. Petty was comfortable with the idea of moving, in part because of the support she received every step of the way. I tried to make the process as seamless as possible for her, says Tyler. It all worked out very well in the end. The Pettys used a move manager recommended by Bayer to handle the packing and unpacking. In the process, they qualified to be reimbursed for up to $2,000 of their moving expenses for using professionals that Bayer had suggested. It didn t take long for Mr. Petty to dive in to the social activities on theEagle s Tracecampus. I love to play bridge, and there are several avid bridge players here, he says. And Mrs. Petty? It took about two days for me to realize this was exactly where we needed to be, she says. I m very happy Otis stuck with it and encouraged me to move.