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Trivia player hits jackpot, shares wealth

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July 26th, 2010

[caption id="attachment_13179" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Beatrice Glass holds up a copy of her winning scratchoff ticket, which earned her $20,000. The ticket was her prize after a game of Team Trivia at Brooksby Village, where she lives. (Photo by Setarreh Massihzadegan)"][/caption] Beatrice Glass wasn t quite sure what to do with the scratchoff ticket she received as part of the winning group at Team Trivia earlier this year, so she asked a teammate to decipher the results. Glass had won $20,000. I couldn t believe it, says the Brooksby Village resident, still incredulous months later. Glass became a regular at Team Trivia tables last fall, when a friend suggested she join the activity, in which groups of three or four contestants gather in Brooksby s Fireside Lounge to rack their brains for answers to questions ranging from geography to celebrity. It s amazing what you don t remember, she jokes. We have a lot of fun; we have a lot of laughs. Glass recalls one instance during trivia when she and her teammate were convinced that the correct answer to the given geography question was Milwaukee, Wis. The answer was actually Minneapolis, Minn., but the two did not let the wrong answer change their mood. We were just hysterical, says Glass, who is candid and quick with self-deprecating humor. If you don t have a sense of humor, you might as well quit.

Generous winner

On the winning Saturday, Glass and her teammates had the highest number of points for correct answers at the end of the day, earning them an envelope of scratchoff lottery tickets. On game days, players pool $1 apiece toward the scratchoff tickets for first-, second-, and third-place teams. Glass came away with far higher winnings than her teammates, but she wouldn t leave them empty-handed. She was fully entitled to keep everything she won. Instead, she gave everyone a substantial check, with no obligation on her part to do so, says John Murphy, who lives at Brooksby and shares the role of trivia host with Irving Babner. She also made up envelopes with more [scratchoff] tickets and gave [others on Team Trivia] an envelope. It was a joyous event. Glass explains: I said, Well, I can t keep this money all for myself everyone has an idea, and you put it together. She gave each teammate $1,000. She gave some to charity and made a point to take each member of her family out for a special dinner.

Great mind

A former teacher and speechlanguage pathologist, Glass moved to Brooksby from Cape Cod about six years ago. Since her move, she has picked up Whist, a card game she played often in college, and she remains a loyal visitor to the community s fitness center. There is always something to do, she says of Brooksby, adding, It s wonderful here; it s very secure. Meanwhile, she continues to frequent Team Trivia, never forgetting her quick wit: This is really good for the mind, she says, whatever s left of it.