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Full speed ahead'

Cape Cod woman syncs into life at Linden Ponds

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August 23rd, 2010

When Marcia Zubretsky arrived at Linden Ponds earlier this year, she dedicated some time to unpacking; but she spent most of her initial weeks immersed in her favorite activities. One of the first steps [in getting settled] was to pursue the things I like doing, she says. For Zubretsky, that meant watercolor painting, memoir writing, golfing, and playing mah-jongg as part of community groups at Linden Ponds.

Making the decision

Zubretsky had much the same approach to making the move from her retirement home of 22 years on Cape Cod. Once you make that decision that you re going to move, then it s full speed ahead, says Zubretsky, who hails from Brewster, Mass. You make a commitment to yourself and you do it. Zubretsky had started to think about making a move when her husband was alive, but it wasn t until last summer, a year and a half after her husband s death, that she visited Linden Ponds. She came with a couple of friends and later brought her three daughters before making the decision that her family and friends agreed was best and would have made her husband happy. In addition to the activities Linden Ponds offered, Zubretsky liked that it was self-contained and safe. She took comfort in the community aspect. I just like to be with people and enjoy interacting, she explains. That s a draw. Knowing where things go To make the move, Zubretsky had help from the staff at Linden Ponds, including Personal Moving Consultant Lynne Ford, who visited her house, did some measuring, and maderecommendations about what furniture would fit in her new two-bedroom apartment home. Ford also suggested a real estate agent. Zubretsky s house went on the market that fall and sold in just two months. Downsizing wasn t easy for Zubretsky, but she donated many items to charities she knew and trusted like Habitat for Humanity and Lower Cape Outreach Council. I knew where things went, Zubretsky says. Other items went to family members, and professionals hauled away the remainder for trash and recycling. Everybody was wonderful. Once I got here, everybody was great. The residents are extremely friendly, from diverse backgrounds, which makes it very stimulating for me, she says.

Comfort, community

Zubretsky enjoys the comfort of her neighbors, who welcomed her to the building and immediately invited her to join them for dinners. Everybody s caring, everybody looks out for each other, and that is nice. Each one of the buildings is like a little community, she says. Zubretsky seems at home in her apartment, which is filled with family photos and her own watercolor paintings. Among her many activities, Zubretsky attends two watercolor painting classes taught by fellow Linden Ponds residents. This summer, she also reaped the first rewards from her garden patch, where she has planted flowers, vegetables, and a hummingbird feeder. In addition to her creative pursuits, Zubretsky, a retired nurse, is part of the community s retired nurses group. She often travels to see the Boston Symphony Orchestra, museums, and shows as part of the day and overnight trips organized by the staff at Linden Ponds. It seems as though I m always going somewhere, she remarks. While weekends were difficult for her after her husband died, she says, Now I can walk out my door and always find somebody to talk to.