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Growing up at Wind Crest

Grandchildren give Highlands Ranch campus two thumbs-up

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August 24th, 2010

Virginia and Jim Murphy were the second people to move to Wind Crest back in 2007, helping to sculpt the community into something vibrant and meaningful. They ve done this by filling their space and time at Wind Crest with things that are important to them, one of the deepest treasures being family.

Family matters

The Murphys have a big family six children and ten grandchildren, with grandkids ranging in age from 2 to 22. Most of their children and grandchildren live close to them, but a few have scattered out to the Kentucky and Missouri winds. When the Murphys made the decision to move toWind Crest, they got resistance from some of their children; their one daughter even cried they were moving to the basement of the old folks home. The Murphys response to that was just wait until you see it! The entire family got the chance to visitWind Crestduring a weeklong family reunion over the Fourth of July holiday; the highlight was Jim and Virginia s 50th wedding anniversary, which they celebrated on theWind Crestcampus this year. When we renewed our vows, they put all sorts of fireworks in the sky, just for us, Mr. Murphy beams. Though they originally wanted to take the family on a cruise for the celebration, they decided to keep the party local. At Wind Crest, they overtook the entire pool and played water volleyball instead, one of Mr. Murphy s passions. Their children who live out of town and hadn t yet seen the campus were all impressed. The one who shed the tears actually wanted to find a job in Denver just so she could move closer she liked it that much and their 18-year-old granddaughter thought it unfair that you had to be a certain age in order to live atWind Crest. The Murphys just laughed and smiled, an I told you so twinkling in their eyes.

Baby steps

The children who live locally already knew how happy their parents were. And part of that joy is from their grandchildren who stay with the couple on a regular basis. Mrs. Murphy watches Jake, their almost three-year-old grandson, twice a week. Their four-year-old twin grandchildren, Lilianna and Jimmy, visit at least once a week. It s atWind Crestthat these grandchildren took some of their first steps in life. Lilianna and Jimmy learned to swim in theWind Crestpool. Jake is so popular on campus that he even has a nametag that says Baby Jake Murphy, which will have to be updated soon to keep up with his rapid growth. For his one-year birthday celebration, many of the people who live at Wind Crest had cake at the Fireside Lounge. He walked from the Murphys chair to the table, not his very first steps but some of them, and now runs around the campus spreading joy wherever he goes. He s comfortable here because he grew up here, Mrs. Murphy says. We ve made a lot of good memories in the three years we ve been here, she adds, and they re not done yet.

Extended grandparenting

Family is a priority for the Murphys, and their hearts have plenty of space to welcome more family members which is exactly how they see the staff of Wind Crest, especially the student servers. We treat them as grandchildren, and they treat us as grandparents, Mr. Murphy says. The relationship the residents have with the servers often extends beyond the restaurants: students invite the residents to graduations, some ask residents to pose in their yearbook pictures, and one student even made a slideshow presentation of his trip to Hong Kong with his girlfriend, also a server, which they shared with the residents. They make a difference in our lives, and they tell us that we do the same for them, Mr. Murphy says. Another server spent a summer in Ireland, and when the Murphys went abroad, they had dinner with her. It s more like having dinner with family than anything, the Murphys both agree. These are the details that aren t included in any brochure, details that unless experienced could be construed as exaggeration, fiction even. Mr. Murphy puts it best: This is the beauty of living here.