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The key to a dream move

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August 23rd, 2010

Erickson Realty & Moving Services is unbelievably outstanding, says Sue Vitale. Using their services was one of the best decisions we ve ever made. We truly enjoyed a dream move. After spending 24 years in their single-family house in Fairfax, Va., Bill and Sue Vitale were excited about the carefree lifestyle at Ashby Ponds. At our age, we realized that we were not going to be able to maintain our house and landscape the way we wanted, says Mr. Vitale. And I really wanted more free time so I could write a book about my career [in government]. We also learned very quickly that Erickson provides unbeatable services. None of the other retirement communities we visited and we visited several offered so much, from the refundable entrance deposit to utilities, parking, and food. When you add it all up, it was really an easy decision to make. And we didn t hesitate to take full advantage of what was offered, says Mrs. Vitale.

Complimentary service

As soon as we were ready to make our move, Personal Moving Consultant Elizabeth Boyles came out to our house to take measurements of our furniture so that we would know exactly what would fit in our new home, says Mr. Vitale. That was a tremendous asset. We were amazed that we were able to keep all our dining room, living room, and bedroom furniture. She was wonderful, agrees Mrs. Vitale. Not only did she place all our furniture into our new floor plan, but she took the time to explain the whole moving process. It was also during this meeting with Boyles that the Vitales were given a list of Erickson Realty & Moving Services-recommended real estate agents. They picked one from the list. At the time, our carpeting was all blue, says Mr. Vitale. The agent said that changing it to a neutral color would enhance the rooms. As a result of the expert help, the Vitales house sold in one week. We put our house on the market in October and scheduled an open house for the first weekend, says Mrs. Vitale. That day, we had 25 people visit and 3 offers. We were thrilled. No longer having to worry about selling their house, the Vitales continued to look to Erickson Realty & Moving Services for help with downsizing, packing, and moving. We were put in touch with someone who came to sort through our belongings every day for weeks, says Mrs. Vitale. They took away a lot of things we no longer needed, even dragging items up from the basement. That was a huge help. The couple then enjoyed time together as Erickson Realty & Moving Services-recommendedpackers and movers did the rest. On the day of the move, Erickson Realty & Moving Services ensured that the couple s new home was unpacked and completely livable by the early afternoon. They did such a good job unpacking and setting up our kitchen that I didn t change a thing, says Mrs. Vitale. Everyone associated with Erickson Realty & Moving Services was remarkable, says Mr. Vitale. From the Realtor, to the packers, to the movers, they all knew each other and called each other by their first names. They scheduled every detail so that we didn t have to do anything. My advice to anyone moving is to take advantage of all the help that is offered. I think that if we had handled this move on our own, the stress would have been unbearable.

Time for what they love

Now, almost a year into their new life at Ashby Ponds, the Vitales couldn t be happier. I ve joined the writing group and attend meetings of both the history and the investment groups, says Mr. Vitale. He s also fulfilling his dream and has begun writing a book about his career as an Air Force Aide in General George C. Marshall s office during his tenure as Secretary of State and with the Federal Aviation Administration, where he was in charge of both Dulles and National Airports. We also spend time visiting our only child a daughter and our grandkids in Dallas, Tex., says Mrs. Vitale. Ashby Ponds takes us right to Dulles Airport and picks us up when we come back. It s so easy. And I really enjoy my time with the Ladies Who Do Nothing group, she laughs. It s great fun. The services here just never stop, says Mr. Vitale. I really believe that we are going to live longer because we live at Ashby Ponds. Neither of us has been sick since moving here, and we feel really good. I attribute it all to the easy living, Erickson lifestyle.