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Marion Kleiner takes a permanent vacation

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August 24th, 2010

Marion Kleiner booked a vacation, but before she left she decided to casually look into putting her house on the market. She met with a real estate agent, lightly cleaned her Tinton Falls townhouse, and left for Florida, assuming her house would take several months to sell. Three days later, she received a phone call from her real estate agent: I sold your house for the asking price.

Good referrals make great sales

Kleiner had worked atSeabrook, anErickson Living communityin Tinton Falls, N.J., for seven years. I saw what a great place it is from the inside, so it was an easy decision for me to move there, she says. Before choosing a real estate agent, she met withSeabrook sRetirement Counselor Ruth Phillips. Phillips presented Kleiner with a list ofSeabrook-recommended real estate professionals and movers. From that list, Kleiner chose her agent, who sold Kleiner s house for the asking price in just three days. Additionally, Phillips recommended a family-owned-and-operated moving company that came in handy when Kleiner moved out of her townhouse and into her perfect one-bedroom-with-den sixth-floor apartment home overlooking the community gardens. I couldn t be happier, Kleiner says.

Move On Us

In addition to having a great moving experience, Kleiner received almost $2,000 of her moving expenses back as a reward for using moving professionals recommended bySeabrook. The program, called Move On Us, is an incentive to help ease the transition. It s worked very nicely, says Angela Garofolo, moving consultant for Seabrook. Not only has the program helped futureSeabrookneighbors sell their houses and move, but it also ensures that the whole process is coordinated. The real estate agent is always in contact with me, giving me updates on what is needed, Garofolo says. We talk in detail about the house, price, open houses, Internet promotions...They keep me posted on everything. Additionally, Garofolo talks to the futureSeabrookresident at least once a week. We do as much as we can to help the house seller, she says.

Settling in

Now that Kleiner has settled into her new apartment home, she says she s living the enviableEricksonlifestyle she always witnessed as a staff member. I ve been in two plays, I take the memory course offered by Erickson Advantage (insurance program), I go to the fitness center three times a week, and I attended the menu-tasting panel when it was time to change the menu in our restaurants, she says. Most importantly, though, she enjoys spending time with her six-year-old granddaughter. She loves to go to the pool, walk around the ponds, and visit people in the dining room, Kleiner says. She loves it here as much as I do.