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Maris Grove's Jewish community goes online

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August 31st, 2010
mgc jewish website seder
mgc jewish website seder

According to Merle Taylor, anyone can set up a Web page. All you need is a little drive and a lot of purpose. Taylor saw how a Web site would benefit the growing Jewish community at Maris Grove, and she decided to take on the project. rel="same-post-14120" title="PA0909_MarisGroveJewishCommunity1">As the wife of Maris Grove s Medical Director Phil Taylor, M.D., ' she has been volunteering on campus since its October 2006 opening, helping to start and build the Jewish community. From its early days when there were only 8 members, the Jewish community has flourished over the years it now boasts 50 participants. And the growth doesn t stop there. During the annual Passover seder, more than 300 people are in attendance! The Interfaith Choir even learned some Hebrew just for the seder. Thanks to Mrs. Taylor s efforts, photos of both 2009 and 2010 s seders are posted online for people to enjoy. rel="same-post-14120" title="PA0909_MarisGroveJewishCommunity2"> I thought the Web site would be a great way to share photos, she says. She sends out news to members and posts photos of events like the Passover and Chanukah celebrations as well as the monthly Friday night service, which she also leads. I m teaching them about technology, Mrs. Taylor says. Whenever Rose, the cantor for services, isn t available, Mrs. Taylor pulls up the songs on her iPod and refers to it as her virtual temple. Technology does have a way of connecting people, and Mrs. Taylor wanted to share that experience with the residents of Maris Grove and beyond, connecting the virtual community with the actual one. To visit the site, go to