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More powerful than the tide

Riderwood lures Eastern Shore residents seeking even better life

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August 23rd, 2010

For residents of Maryland s Eastern Shore, accustomed to fresh crab and bay breezes, the famed Riderwood lifestyle is proving to be a force to be reckoned with. In fact, almost 20% of people who moved to Riderwood last year came from the area. For Betty Phenicie, it was a decision almost too easy to make. After 21 years in Salisbury, Md., she decided to join her sister Kay and her brother-in-law Richard at Riderwood in Silver Spring, Md. Kay s son, Jeff, works for Riderwood, and the two of them were eager to see me come to the community, she says. They told me it was time to do something for myself. With their guidance, I decided to make the move. This past March, Phenicie officially changed her address to Riderwood and has been enjoying everything the community has to offer ever since. It s remarkable, she says. Everything you need is right here.I am very happy that I made this move. I had some great friends in Salisbury, but there are so many friendly people at Riderwood I can establish new relationships. I ve met many people while dining in the various restaurants each night. I love that I don t have to plan my meals like I used to. And I have to say, I enjoy people waiting on me hand and foot. I m never in need of anything. If there s a crack in the wall or a lightbulb that needs to be changed, someone s here quickly to take care of it. There is really nothing you could possiblyneed that isn t already here. With her new free time, Phenicie has been out exploring the campus grounds. I love to get up and walk, she says. And everything is so beautiful to look at. I ve always been a walker. My mother used to tell stories about how my grandfather would put a diaper and a bottle in his pocket and take me out on long walks to meet neighbors. It s a part of me. She s also a big fan of the many special trips offered to Riderwood residents on a weekly basis. There is so much to see and do around here, much more than in Salisbury, she says. I love to explore new places. But if she longs for the beach, Riderwood is sponsoring an upcoming trip to the Chesapeake Bay for a boat trip and crab feast. See, I can even go back to the Eastern Shore with new acquaintances if I want to, says Phenicie. What can I say? I enjoy the best of both worlds now.