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Seven days to a sale

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August 24th, 2010

When your house sells in seven days, you have a lot of work to get done fast. That is what Lorraine Cressman and her husband, Arthur, discovered when they sold their Overland Park house earlier this year. The Cressmans decided they no longer needed all of the space and stress that come with owning a large house. So, the couple put their house on the market after 35 years to move to Tallgrass Creek. It seemed like time was right for our age, and we didn t need a four bedroom house anymore, Mrs. Cressman says. The Cressmans called on an old family friend who is an experienced real estate professional. With the combination of a savvy agent, a great property in a popular location, and a little luck, the Cressmans got an offer on their house in less than a week. We were able to get a good price, Mrs. Cressman says. We didn t have to go down at all.

Help in a hurry

The only challenge of a fast sale is that you have to coordinate your move quickly too. Fortunately for the Cressmans, they didn t have to go it alone. As soon-to-beTallgrass Creekresidents, they worked directly with Judy Baxter, the personal moving consultant who has helped many residents move to the community by offering them a wealth of moving resources from her years of experience. Because it was so fast, [Baxter] got me the movers and connected me with a company that came and packed our things up, Mrs. Cressman says. Baxter also referred the Cressmans to a trusted company that coordinates estate sales so the couple could sell furniture they no longer needed.

Handling your move when you can t

To complicate matters, Mrs. Cressman became ill on moving day. What could have been a disaster was a positive beginning to a fresh start. As a personal moving consultant, my goal is to provide a smooth transition throughout the entire moving process, but particularly on moving day, Baxter says. Whether it s making a last-minute call or grabbing a sandwich and juice from the bistro, we want to do whatever we can to help our residents. Baxter had referred the couple to a reliable unpacking company, so Mrs. Cressman was able to rest while someone else handled the task of unpacking. They did all of the unpacking and asked me where I wanted things, she says. They did a good job unpacking the kitchen, even down to the knife and fork drawer and food cabinets. And when she arrived atTallgrass Creek, she was able to go directly to the community s on-site physician, Austin Welsh, M.D.

Creating a new home

The Cressmans chose a Plymouth-style apartment home a two-bedroom, two-bath model with a large kitchen and lots of windows. She says the spacious kitchen was on her must-have list. However, she and her husband enjoy dining atTallgrass Creek sBlue Sky Restaurant so much that she hasn t cooked much yet, but she plans to break in her new kitchen during the holidays when she bakes Christmas cookies. For now, she and her husband are totally unpacked and are focused on settling into their new home. We finally got all of the boxes unpacked and we re in good shape now, she says. I don t feel like I m in an apartment or a retirement community; I feel like I m at home.