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Brooksby: the healthy choice

Moving, living made simple

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September 21st, 2010

No sooner had Joan Anne and Bill Marshall taken residence in their Brooksby Village apartment home than they found the shelf outside their door regularly occupied with treats and notes from neighbors. Shortly after, the couple matched names with faces at a social gathering organized to welcome them. The people on this floor are tremendous, Mrs. Marshall says, adding, You can knock on anybody s door if you need help. It s very friendly. Along the way to Brooksby from their home of 43 years in Reading, Mass., the Marshalls turned to a number of resources for help. With the support of their children and information gathered from a few visits to Brooksby, the Marshalls made the decision to move from their ten-room house.

Finding a fit

Brooksby sPersonal Moving Consultant Ellen Meehan visited the Marshalls house and recommended which pieces they should take to their new two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment home. Meehan took one look at the Marshalls small wooden tea cart and said, I know right where that will go, Mrs. Marshall recalls. Sure enough, the table, which Mrs. Marshall assumed would need to be left behind, fit snugly in the entryway of their new apartment home. She was wonderful, Mrs. Marshall says of Meehan. I can t tell you how wonderful she was. In the meantime, one of the Marshalls daughters worked with Dot Harding ofBrooksby sCustom Interiors to arrange the paint choice for the new apartment home. After their Reading house sold in just six days, their next challenge was downsizing. They relied upon an Andover-based company recommended byBrooksby. They came in and took the load off our backs, Mrs. Marshall says. The company coordinated with antique dealers, auctioneers, and others who would be buying the Marshalls items that did not go to their four children. The team also took care of everything that would be moving with the couple. They boxed up and labeled everything we were taking. They were so efficient and fast. And when it came time to move, the company had it covered. They were here on moving day and we were not, Mrs. Marshall says. She and her husband were away for five days while the team unpacked the new apartment home. When we walked in, everything was in place.

Lifestyle change

The move has created a significant change in lifestyle for Mrs. Marshall, a retired teacher who taught elementary and middle school for more than 30 years. The fact that you don t have to cook a big meal when you get home and you re tired, that s a big plus, she says, referencing the fact that one meal a day is included in the cost of living atBrooksby. Instead of going to the grocery store a couple of times a week, she goes about twice a month. In her newfound free time, Mrs. Marshall has already adopted a garden lot upon a neighbor s urging and plans to joinBrooksby schoirs. She has also volunteered to join the chorus of Theatre at the Pond, one of the community s theater groups. An avid golfer and 60-year member of the golf club near his previous home, Mr. Marshall plans to return to the sport atBrooksby. The Marshalls shih tzu-poodle mix, Pauly, has also made a home at Brooksby, and Mrs. Marshall enjoys their frequent walks outside. With high blood pressure since her 40s, she reports being shocked when, a month after her move, a routine blood pressure check revealed low pressure levels. She thought the equipment was faulty, until the next time she had her blood pressure checked, when it was also low. I m much more relaxed, doing more walking, eating different foods, Mrs. Marshall says, adding that she has lost weight since her move toBrooksby. I think it s a healthy place to be.