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Eleanore Ryder is riding high at Cedar Crest

Former dance instructor finds simple pleasures at new home

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September 20th, 2010

Eleanore Ryder sits quietly at the tall cherry table in front of her living room window, gazing out at a view of wildflowers and mountaintops stretching for miles. [caption id="attachment_14425" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Eleanore Ryder by her tall bistro table overlooking the spectacular view from her Cedar Crest apartment home. (Photo by Amy Helmer)"][/caption] It is here, in her apartment home, where she thinks to herself, I know that the Lord chose this spot for me, and there is no way I m not going to be happy. I am comfortable, I am safe, and truthfully, I am filled with joy every day. It oozes out all over. And it s exactly what I was expecting it to be.

The right time

That cozy feeling is impressive, considering Ryder really has only just settled in at Cedar Crest, an Erickson Living community in Pompton Plains, N.J. In fact, she just moved there in May. Moving to Cedar Crest was a decision she made nearly ten years ago, after visiting the community with a friend, and one year ago she knew the time was right. I received a mailing [from Cedar Crest] that said Now is the right time to buy, and it made me stop and realize that with the way the market is, now is the right time, she says. I closed my dance school, put my house on the market, and moved here on May 6. While it s easy for her to say, Ryder received a lot of assistance from Cedar Crest staff members. First, Retirement Counselor Lisa Bentson helped her choose an apartment home. Next, Lee Valentine helped her with her paperwork and the logistics of moving. Finally, Personal Moving Consultant Margaret Semezko worked with Ryder s real estate agent to get the best price on her house when a problem arose during the home inspection. [The buyers] wanted an additional $20,000 off the price of the home to correct it. I got another home inspector who was not related to the sale of the home to do his inspection, Semezko says. The second home inspector recommended a simpler, less expensive solution, leading to a successful sale of the home. I completed this in a six-hour timeframe so Ryder could have her closing go off as scheduled, Semezko says. She recommends seeking out a second opinion if issues arise during the home inspection, especially if the inspection company was hired by the buyer. The home inspection process can be a real issue if you have an inspection company that is working for the buyer calling all the shots, Semezko says. Inthis case it worked out very well for the seller. Everyone [at Cedar Crest] did their best to get me here and make me happy, Ryder says. And now, she says she couldn t be more pleased.

Starting my new life

Ryder taught dance for 39 years out of a studio her husband built in their home. That s what I was happy doing as a mother, a wife, and a teacher. But now, she says, I moved to Cedar Crest because this is where I m starting my new life. She s joined two Bible studies, attends Friday current events lectures, and gets her hair styled at the onsite hair salon and spa. What she likes most is her one-bedroom, onebath apartment home. I chose my apartment because of the wonderful, wonderful view. Every time I walk in my front door I am thrilled, she says. Because I love my apartment, I choose to come back home after dinner while many people play cards. I read or watch So You Think You Can Dance on television, and that s my pleasure, she says.