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Holiday tech gifts

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September 21st, 2010

Gifts and gadgets are two words that go together nicely. Here are just a few of the favorite new tech gadgets we d like to receive for the holidays; most likely they re on the wish list of your loved ones as well. When you re ready to do even more research or buy online, visit this article at 1. Digital slide and film scanner Do you have boxes and boxes of 35mm slides and negatives that you ve taken over the years? No longer will you need professional help with digital conversion; these new devices allow you to do it yourself with the touch of a button. ION SLIDES2PC 35MM ($80 to $100). This high-resolution scanner offers one-touch scanning that takes just one to two seconds to scan in a slide. Brookstone - iConvert ' Instant Slide & Negative Scanner ($99.95). The iCovert also includes a built-in 2.4-inch LCD and doesn t require a computer to use it but instead saves images to an SD card. 2. Logitech Harmony Universal Remote Control No matter what your setup, chances are you have more then one remote control on your coffee table. Harmony remotes take a little work to set up in the beginning, but then it s as easy as hitting one activity button to turn on and off all of your devices. Harmony 300 Remote ($49.99). The Harmony remote works for up to four different devices that you set up on your computer and then download the codes via the attached USB cable. Harmony 650 / Harmony One ($99.99 / $249.99). This remote features a color screen for access to your favorite channels and devices and offers on-screen help for troubleshooting. 3. iHome Alarm Clocks for iPod and iPhone An iPhone/iPod docking alarm clock also charges your iPhone or iPod as well. There are many different variations, but all models allow you to fall asleep or wake up to your favorite music from your iPod/iPhone. iHome iA5 App-Enhanced ($79.95). A downloadable app for the iPhone and iPod Touch turns this into an information hub and connects you to Facebook and Twitter, personal sleep stats, weather forecasts, and more. iHome iP88 Dual Dock ($149.99). The dual dock offers three separate alarms, remote, full stereo sound, and lets you charge two iPhone or iPod devices as the same. 4. TomTom GPS Car Navigation If you re ready to move into the digital age and away from the paper maps, TomTom GPS units are rated one of the best and easiest to use. All models feature voice step-by-step instructions to keep you on the right path, but some of the more advanced models speak the street names, and some even feature voice recognition or Bluetooth connectivity so you can answer your phone calls too. TomTom XL 340S ($109-$199). TomTom s 4.3-inch touchscreen device speaks street names and gives you 3D graphics that will guide you on your way across the entire U.S., Mexico, and Canada. TomTom XXL 540 S and 540 TM WTE ($179.99 to $230). This five-inch screen World Traveler Edition includes maps of Europe; the TM version includes lifetime updates of real-time traffic alerts and map updates.