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Lucky 7

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September 20th, 2010

Many people move to Tallgrass Creek for all of the amenities offered by the Overland Park retirement community. From the on-site restaurant to the fitness and aquatic centers to the dozens of clubs and special events Tallgrass Creek members are never short on rewarding ways to spend their leisure time. [caption id="attachment_14551" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Enthusiastic Tallgrass Creek residents celebrate the 50th anniversary of their new hometown Overland Park, which was recently named one of the top 10 Best Places to Live by (Photo by Lila Martin)"][/caption] As if all that weren t enough, residents also enjoy the perks of living in an award-winning city. Overland Park was recently named one of the top 10 Best Places to Live by Overland Park was ranked number seven on the list, which cited the Kansas City suburb s school system, sprawling arboretum, botanical garden, new soccer complex, and low unemployment rate as some of the things that attract residents.

The makings of a strong community

Lila Martin moved to Tallgrass Creek from nearby Stillwell a little more than two years ago. Even though she is retired and isn t sending children to Overland Park s schools, she says the successful school system is still a draw because it makes the community a nice place to live. Martin says the arboretum and the botanical garden provide residents with easy access to nature another big selling point for Overland Park. That is 300 acres of beauty really close to us, she says. We particularly enjoy going to the arboretum and the botanical garden. Martin also says the collaborative attitude of local elected officials also makes Overland Park a strong community. Instead of wasting time with counterproductive debates, Overland Park politicians can focus on providing services that enhance the lives of its residents, Martin explains. She cites the city s top-notch police and fire protection as evidence that the government operates efficiently. The mayor and the council work together to make Overland Park a good place to live, and there isn t a lot of fighting about things, Martin says. It s a very safe community, which is something that you think about when you retire. Martin so enjoys living in her new hometown that when Overland Park celebrated its 50th anniversary last spring, she pitched in to make the celebration special. Photography is Martin s hobby, so she volunteered with the Convention and Visitors Bureau to take pictures of residents all over thecity holding signs that read Happy Anniversary Overland Park.

Beyond barbeque

Natural beauty and security aren t all Overland Park has to offer, says Paula Dunmire, who moved to Tallgrass Creek from the Kansas City area about three years ago. Dunmire says Overland Park s cuisine keeps her coming back for more. We have different restaurants on every corner, she says. There is everything from Mexican to Chinese to five-star restaurants. Dunmire helps to organize ladies lunch club at Tallgrass Creek. Once a month, the group ventures to a different area of the city to try a new restaurant. What we try to do is pick a restaurant with a little bit of shopping close to it, so we can see different parts of the city, she says. Recent outings have taken the ladies of Tallgrass Creek to barbeque restaurants, for which the area is well known Brio Tuscan Grill in Kansas City and Henry s Tea Room in Lee s Summit, Mo. The lunches, Dunmire says, not only give the group outlets to explore new restaurants and shopping areas but also provide opportunities for them to strengthen their bonds with one another. They are also a chance for the women coming into our community to meet new women and sit and chat with them in a smaller group, she says.