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Three (mostly do-it-yourself) keys to selling your home

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September 21st, 2010

I ve never met a seller who hasn t experienced sweaty palms, palpitations, and an overwhelming sense of doom. Add 30, 40, or 50-plus years in one home and the barriers to selling feel insurmountable. [caption id="attachment_14485" align="alignright" width="258" caption="Attention to details: Getting your house cleaned by a professional gives it that extra shine for buyers. (File photo)"][/caption] But if you re considering moving to an Erickson Living community, you have access to something no other seller has your very own personal moving consultant. We are your point person through the entire selling and moving process. That means nothing is off limits in this job. Whether you need movers, packers, downsizers, antique dealers, or a floor plan layout for your new apartment home, we will get you whatever you need to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Before you sell

It s human nature to want to fix everything that s broken, especially prior to selling. But before you spend money on contractors and costly makeovers, take a deep breath. After 15 years of real estate sales, I can honestly say that I believe the three biggest keys to a sale are pricing, decluttering, and cleaning. 1. Pricing.Price your house to sell! You ll find that buyers are so well educated in the real estate market that they will actually pay more if your house is worth it. I ve seen bidding wars in this market because the interest rates are at an all-time low and buyers don t want to miss the boat. 2. Decluttering.After many decades in your home you probably have accumulated a lot of stuff. This is one area you can tackle yourself. Start with packing up your collections Hummel figurines, dolls, tea cups. Reduce the number of books, family photos, and wall hangings. Clear off tables and keep decorative objects in groups of one, three, or five. Remove the extra leaves from your dining table, as well as the chairs at each end to make the walking area less obstructed. Store all of these newly packed possessions in any non-living part of the house like the garage, unfinished basement, or attic. It is perfectly acceptable to see boxes in these areas. Your personal moving consultant can also recommend experienced move managers who downsize for a living. 3. Cleaning.Have your home professionally cleaned. A professional can see your house with a new set of eyes and clean in hard-to-reach areas. The cost is well worth it. If you use our Move On Us program, you may be reimbursed for this cost after the sale.