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Try before you buy

Experience Tallgrass Creek' gets high marks

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September 20th, 2010

Gene Engle says she and her husband, Leroy, have known for a while that one day they would like to settle in a retirement community. [caption id="attachment_14543" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Leroy and Gene Engle had the ultimate try before you buy experience by taking advantage of opportunities to spend time at Tallgrass Creek before they moved to the Overland Park community. (Photo by Mary Bush)"][/caption] A few years ago, the couple attended an informational luncheon to learn more about Tallgrass Creek even before construction was completed on the Overland Park community. But Engle and her husband didn t have to rely on brochures and tours to make the important decision about where to live. Tallgrass Creek gave the Engles the ultimate try before you buy experience.

The door is open

As part of the Experience Tallgrass Creek program, the Engles were able to visit the community on multiple occasions. They met residents, dined at the on-site restaurant, participated in special events and leisure activities, and even spent the night in a model apartment home. Engle says she and her husband took full advantage of the opportunity to get to know Tallgrass Creek before making the decision to move. They played bridge with other couples in the community s clubhouse and enrolled in continuing education courses sponsored by the University of Kansas and held at Tallgrass Creek for residents. One of the couples asked us when we had moved in because we were here so much, Engle says with a laugh. Joking aside, Engle says the chance to spend so much time at Tallgrass Creek getting to know the people who live there and becoming familiar with the Erickson Living lifestyle made a real difference when it came time to make the transition. It made it easier to move because we felt more a part of the community, Engle says.

The way to experience Really Living

Jean Dennis, Tallgrass Creek s director of sales and marketing, says she and her colleagues are happy to offer prospective residents opportunities to spend time at the community. She says participating in onsite activities or spending the night in an apartment home is really the best way for people to determine if Tallgrass Creek is right for them. Experience Tallgrass Creek, Dennis says, gives people a taste of Really Living the motto on which the community prides itself. We have such positive feedback from people like the Engles, who move in and are really able to say, Why didn t we do this sooner? Dennis says. That s music to our ears!