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Nick of time

Towson couple settled into new home at Oak Crest right before record snowfall

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October 26th, 2010

When Raymond and Dolores Peroutka moved to Oak Crest in December 2009, they had no idea how perfect their timing was. We moved into our apartment home on a Tuesday and a snow storm hit that Saturday, says Mr. Peroutka. As 14 inches of snow piled up outside, the Peroutkas relaxed inside their two-bedroom, two-bath apartment home perched up on the sixth floor. We just watched out the window as the snow was falling. It was nice not to worry about it, says Mrs. Peroutka. The couple moved from a gated apartment community in Towson and say their friends and former neighbors were trapped inside by the snow for two weeks. Here at Oak Crest everything went like clockwork. The roads here were clear, and we were able to get out as soon as we wanted, says Mr. Peroutka. But there really was no reason to leave. We were relieved to have everything we needed right here.

Piece of cake

Although the timing of their move to Oak Crest may have been lucky, the logistics of their move required careful planning and coordination. For help, the Peroutkas turned toPersonal Moving Consultant Ashley Ruth and Erickson Realty and Moving Services, a program designed by Erickson Living that combines a variety of moving services and resources into one comprehensive, personalized program for people moving to an Erickson Living community. Moving was a piece of cake, says Mr. Peroutka. Ashley came to our apartment and took measurements and photos of our furniture. Then she sent us a layout of what furniture would fit where in the apartment. That really took the guesswork out of it. Everything was first-class, and I have nothing but praise for all the help she provided. Having already downsized from a single family home off Walker Avenue to an apartment in Towson over a decade ago, the Peroutkas eliminated a lot of the anxiety that accompanies selling and moving from a house of 30 or more years. The Peroutkas three adult children helped organize their move to Oak Crest. We were all very involved with my parents move, says daughter Joann Peroutka. The movers Oak Crest recommended were kind and caring, yet very professional. Move day went amazingly smoothly. We left Oak Crest that day knowing that everything in the kitchen was unpacked, clothes were folded and hung in closets, one of the two bathrooms was set up, the living room furniture was arranged, and the television hooked up.

Let it snow!

Over the last 11 months, the Peroutkas have settled into their new home at Oak Crest and say life has been enjoyable, peaceful, and fulfilling. We have met many new people, made new friends, and have been busily engaged in interesting activities since we arrived, says Mr. Peroutka. It s great because you have your choice of what you want to do. And we ve met so many nice people. The easiest thing in the world here is to make friends. Everyone is always smiling and glad to see each other. When asked if they are worried about the upcoming winter, Mr. Peroutka responds, Let it snow, let it snow.